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Chevy Volt vs. Bolt – A Detailed Comparison

Chevrolet launched its two most potent electrified automotive models, the Bolt and Volt. These two are different in terms of battery power and other features. The Bolt is an all-electric car and does not run on gasoline. The Volt is a second-generation hybrid car equipped with a four-cylinder engine. The engine takes over after the battery runs out of electricity. We will provide you with a detailed comparison of Chevy Volt vs. Bolt to help make the right decision.

The Chevy Volt Vs. Bolt – Know The Difference Here

The names of the two cars recently launched by Chevrolet sound similar in Spanish. These two come with powerful configuration including a capable battery, exterior, and interiors. We will provide a detailed comparison between the two Chevy models. You can browse online to read about the car comparison of the best models of different manufacturers.

1. Exteriors

The first thing noticed by any car buyer is the exteriors of the car. The Chevrolet Volt is similar to a conventional vehicle with a design resembling a sedan. You will find many different elements including rear hatch and grilles filled with silver trim. The Chevrolet Volt is the best car for conventional use.

The Chevrolet Bolt is a taller and upright car. It will appeal to those who prefer a crossover between looks and utility. It is similar to a sub-compact hatchback. The Chevrolet Bolt is a better option. It is the first significant difference in the battle of Chevy Volt Vs. Bolt.

Your Key To Success in CHEVY VOLT VS. BOLT
The Chevrolet Volt is similar to a conventional vehicle with a design resembling a sedan. (Photo Source: carinmylife)


2. Safety

Chevrolet announced that Volt and Bolt would have ten airbags including the front knee and rear side airbags. Both cars come with advanced OnStar emergency communication systems. There would be options for the driver to have forward collision warning, blind spot, and rear cross traffic alert systems. The Volt provides lane-keeping assist, not available in the Chevrolet Bolt.

3. Mechanics

The Chevrolet Bolt is an electric car. It can easily touch 238 miles on a single charge. You would need to recharge the batteries after it drains out. The Volt, a hybrid vehicle goes 53 miles on a single charge. As the charge depletes, the gasoline engine takes charge and carries the car to an estimated 42 miles per gallon.

Road trips are more fun in the Chevrolet Bolt. The Bolt suffers from lack of state and country charging stations to make a longer run possible. Bolt does not require expensive maintenance. It does not have any oily engine parts.

4. Interiors

The Chevrolet Bolt has more usable interior space. The seats are farther off the floor to provide additional legroom and space. It can easily fit five people. The car’s cabin offers a futuristic feel with upright design and ample gap between the seats.

Volt has a rear middle seat belt. It has a T-shaped battery pack running in the car center. The Volt offers better cabin design with advanced audio and climate controls. Chevrolet Volt comes with a conventional mechanical shifter. It follows the regenerative braking system. It is a significant difference between Chevy Volt and Bolt to know.

The Chevrolet Bolt has more usable interior space. (Photo Source: autodato)


We hope this blog helped you understand the difference between Chevy Volt Vs. Bolt in details.

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