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Watches Giveaway Campaign 2019: How To Register And Check Your Status

Car From Japan organizes Giveaway Campaign in May to create a circle of connection, caring and sharing.

In the end of May, Free Japanese Watches will be given to 2 best participants who earned the highest points.

Below is the complete guideline how to register and win the game.

1. Guideline how to register Grand Giveaway Campaign

Step 1. Go to the Campaign link  

Click here to go to the Campaign landing page

Step 2. Apply

  • Click on “Apply Now” button and fill in your information.
Contact box
Fill in all neccessary information in this step

Note: Make sure you create Password to secure your account in the Campaign. Your email address and password are required to log-in on the website.

Step 3. Verify your email

  • Go to your mail box, open our email with title [Verification Required]

  • Click “Star” icon, it will be easier to find this email next time.
  • Click button “Confirm My Email” ← your registration is completed.

Note: Check “Spam” box or “Junk” box if you do not see the email in Inbox.

2. How to check your points and status?

  • Go to campaign page  >>Click here
  • Click “Check My Points” button

Note: Every 24 hours, you come to the Campaign Page & click “Check My Points”, you will earn +20 points daily.


How to earn more points

Check out the below useful information:

  1. Phillip Myaba says

    The competition is still on. Winning is on your way. Let’s share this and keep winning

  2. Kaval says

    This is for India also

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