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Car Giveaway Coupon: How To Use Your Prize

Hi there the winners of our Xmas Car Giveaway Campaign as well as Summer Giveaway Campaign. Among hundred thousand of participants, you stood out to be the winners.  You can be so proud of yourself for the dedication, creativity, and passion you put into this contest. As a reward for your achievement, the coupon gifts was given to you through email. Here is a brief instruction of how to use your car giveaway coupon.


Step 1:

Get the coupon code from your email.

Step 2:

Open our website and choose the car you would like.

Step 3:

Choose your final destination, and input your details

Step 4:

Input your coupon code and click “apply” to get the discount.

place to input car giveaway coupon

Note: For the whole flow of “how to buy”, check out >>

How to make the best out of your car giveaway coupon?

Now, we would like to share with you one of the good ways to make the best out of your car giveaway coupon. The special thing about this coupon is you can combine the coupon together with other promotions like: “free inspection” and “buy 2 get 3”. You can even order a car with the less price, and the rest of the money will be used in shipping cost.

combine car giveaway coupon with other promotion

Note: This car giveaway coupon code is applicable for all other promotion except “Free Shipping” promotion.

After all, remember that for ONE CAR you can ONLY use ONE VOUCHER COUPON. A few of our winners have tried hard on both campaigns, therefore get 2 vouchers at the same time. The tip is to use your Summer Coupon to buy 1 car, use your Xmas Coupon for another car and then use buy 2 get 3 to get a FOB Free Car. Then you can buy 2 cars with discount, and get 1 extra car for FREE.

Once again, Car From Japan would like to thank all participants. We are very honored and humbled to have you along this exciting journey. Wish you and your beloved ones a Merry Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

  1. Trevor Ngendo says

    Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN CO.

    1. Trang Tran says

      U welcome

  2. Godfrey okute says

    Very great thanks to car from japan

    1. Trang Tran says

      U welcome. Please keep following us for updates

  3. Anderson says

    We are together car from Japan,

  4. Mariam Mahonge says

    What If the winner Don’t have money For Exporting car? How Does prize beneficial to the Winner now ??

  5. emmanuel eko says

    please i am still not clear on how to ues the coupon code, which particular offers can i apply the coupon cod^

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank u for your comment. U can contact us directly by Facebook message:, our sales agent will support u about it clearer

  6. Emmanuel daud says

    Let say thanks a lot car from japan

    1. Trang Tran says

      U welcome

  7. Emmanuel daud says

    Thanks car from japan

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      U welcome

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    Who will be winner of car from Japan

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