Sunday Mkandawire reviews Mazda Demio 2010
Sunday Mkandawire
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Good, I'm satisfied In fact I will officially state on your review pages that I finally got the car into my home yard and quite in order. Right from day one I started engaging with you people, communication was excellect,in fact it was effective communication. That is both on email and whatsapp.I have had three other companies before you but you are very good ON COMMUNICATION,IN PARTICULAR FEEDBACK. Without trying to be unethical, some companies werent as topclass as yourself in as far as customer interaction and feedback is concerned. You know we are continents apart and if a company does not come in in time or they change persons communicating with you, you are at times left with a feeling that maybe I shouldnt have dealt with them in the first place! But not CAR FROM JAPAN infact you are EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION FROM JAPAN USED CAR INDUSTRY. thanks and thanks again, SUNDAY MKANDAWIRE
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Mazda Demio 2010
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