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Car from Japan is one of the most efficient and sophisticated websites that I have experienced. The site is very user friendly and efficient in responding to any query from its visitors. Unfortunately due to some unexpected financial commitment, I have not been able to purchase any vehicle from this site yet, but I am sure at the time when I could afford one I will certainly take advantage from hundreds of incredibly well priced vehicles on your site. I can recall a while back when I was just introduced to your site, I noticed that South Africa as the country was mistakenly omitted from the "listed countries of origins" on your standard application page, and as soon as I brought this to the attention of your admin department, they have speedily responded to my email and has modified your list of countries by including South Africa on the list there on. and I was very impressed with prompt and positive response that I had received to my query. All I could conclude here is to say keep up the excellent work implemented on your site and I alway remain your avid visitor and will recommend your site to everyone as I have been doing in the past. Kind regards Ali Mohsseni
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Suzuki Wagon R 2002
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