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Japanese Used Cars Exporters

Safety-Quality-Durability - The simple three words that describe everything about Japanese Cars.

Those are also the qualities that make Japanese Cars the dream of millions. Nowadays, with online shopping, the purchase process is so easy and the price is so cheap. Japanese Cars is no longer a dream but very close to a reality.

Here we proudly present you the list of renowned Japanese Used Car exporters. They are companies with years of experience and expertise, who are always ready to meet any of your needs.

Many of these companies are CAR FROM JAPAN’s members, who upload and export through our website. All of transactions through CAR FROM JAPAN are secured and safe shipments are guaranteed.

Wait no more! Contact the dealers and get access to thousands of Japanese Used Cars.



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EXPORT ALL TYPE OF USED CARS TO THE WORLD FROM JAPAN Japanese car market has been dramatically and certainly changing every day by the stream of Internet. Most Japanese cars are taken care well by the owner, replacing engine oil every 3000km to 5000km, wash and wax the body. Foremost primarily things are we have to take strict service for road worthy inspection every 2 years, due to traffic law. People care small rust, scratches, dents, small noise. It might be one of motivation to change the car, which can be drivable next 10 years. We wait your contact and tell us about your desired vehicle.

7 up garage

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6-21 804 Tamanora Otsu-shi Shiga-ken 520-2142 JAPAN
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22-11,Kurano, Nakakirai, Matshushige-cho,Itano-gun,Tokushima,771-0212;
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We listen to you and focus on your dream car!!!! We purchase used vehicles on our customer behalf from auctions all over Japan and export them all over the world.We will help you to import high quality used cars.

Garage DOG

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About us 【Overview of our business】 We handles new cars and used cars of Japan widely and selects them carefully which are good quality. The Each stock vehicle selects carefully with a thing having good degree. Look at we sale vehicle after comparison with right or wrong, other companies to donate a better thing more cheaply because you research in market price information every day and act for other cost cuts from the stocking route. In order to provide high-quality used cars at a reasonable price, we have been making effort to assess trends in domestic distribution market and select a vender carefully and cut costs. We kindly ask for compare and examine us with other companie. Please have a look our selling cars. 【Transaction Result】 We were founded in April, 1999. We have the results that sold new cars and used cars more than 10,000 so far. 【Strong field of us】 ■Representation service of the used car auction We will meet specifications requested by a customer because the number of the exhibition to used car auctions in Japan is more than 3 million a year. We collects enormous amount of information by utilizing our auction seat and our network of used car buyers, used car dealers of all over Japan. Therefore, we can provide appropriate information quickly. we can tell you about car information if they can have a car model, a model, an age type, the necessary specifications information such as runs and a budget considered to be it that you are a demand. If you have the necessary specification information such as car model, age type,mileage,and budget that you request, we will provide appropriate car information to you free and quickly. we will do our best to find your ideal used car and provide the market price analysis of the car in complete free of charge. Please feel free to contact us. 【Association participated】 USS Group、JAA Group、CARSEVEN Group


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IRIS&CO. (Iris and company)

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★★★Welcome to IRISCO.★★★ We are BEST EXPORTER!! We specialize the buying and export of used cars from the Japanese wholesale auto auctions. We have access to over 40 auctions and 70,000 a week. We have English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Cantonese and Taiwanese speaking buyers on the ground to help you find the favorite cars at the reasonable price. IRIS CO. is a Tokyo based company. Our company locates in GINZA which is most central executive business and shopping area in Tokyo. We buy for the wholesale market and hence our cars are at wholesale prices. We stand by our descriptions of the cars we buy and work hard to find you the stock you need at the best possible price. You won't be disappointed. We are committed to providing excellent customer service of high integrity to all our clients world-wide. Our goal is growth through our customer’s success and reliance. We are also the member of Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA).

MITSUI co.,Ltd

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742 Tenjinnoshin Uozu-shi Toyama-ken 937-0013 JAPAN
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Welcome to MITSUI co.,ltd ! MITSUI co.,ltd was established in 1978. We offer best support for your car life in a plenty of knowledge and experiences we got in 40 years. Please feel free to make an inquiry with us. We promise you can find the right vehicle! We are looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Mitsui co.,ltd.

S.H International Trading

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1-19-2 Shin-yokohama, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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Welcome to S.H.INTERNATIONAL TRADING Co.,Ltd.!! We are the company that treat Japanese used cars mainly made in Japan we sell Japanese used cars at low price which we buy at high price. We get a certificate of Conpany of Corporate Sotial Contributions in YOKOHAMA. The office is located near to the Port of Yokohama, so we don't need to pay high shipping fee and we can sell cars at low price. If you want to ask for cars which are not on the website, we try to find it from all auction in Japan according to your budget and request. Please check our website for the details. Thank you.


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Honkanbe Aza Hana-no Ki 26-1,Ichinomiya,Aichi Ken,491-0053;
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We are a Nagoya based company that specializes in the buying import export of used cars from the Japanese wholesale auto auctions. We have access to over 15 auctions and 40,000 cars a week. don't be fooled by dummy stocks and faulty cars at lower prices, we provide fast and reliable service for our customers. you can choose from our stock or place order We can help you find the low kilometer high auction grade car you have been looking for the best possible price We can supply vehicles for any part of the world and we specialize in importing exporting vehicles to Australia and we can organize shipping quarantine and compliance, Australian customers can purchase vehicles direct, by cutting out the middle man you can make a huge saving don't be fooled by cheap offers , we supply quality cars at compatible price , prompt service and quality for you money.


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5-1-16, Amami Minami, Matsubara-shi, Osaka, 580-0033, Japan
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We offer quality cars for very competitive prices. DIYATA JAPAN is one of the oldest used cars exporter in Japan. We have been in the field of exporting used cars for than 10 years to different parts of the globe. Our experience speaks for itself. We offer quality cars for very competitive prices. We mostly deal with Japanese brands like Toyota, Nissan, …e.t.c. We also deal with some foreign brands like, BMW, Subaru, Land Rover, ….e.t.c


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