Why Modern Cars Are Safer Than Older Ones Even Without A Metal Body?

With every year, cars are getting much safer that they enhance the overall passenger’s safety level to a great extent. While being a great thing, this also confuses a lot of people. Since older cars are made of steel which is stronger than modern plastic cars, people don’t’ get it why modern cars are safer than older ones.

Since this is on on-going, heated discussion, let’s consider the features that make modern cars safer than older ones.

Why Modern Cars Are Safer Than Older Ones: The Idea behind Safety

The automobile industry use steel to make the overall frame of the car or the chassis. This may sound secure: if ac accident happens, the car is not going to collapse easily.

However, the reality is different, and despite having the airbags, the steel cars are not so reliable. The build of the steel cars makes it more of a steel cage that a passenger can’t escape in the case of an accident.

Modern Vehicles Are Built Strategically

A car that looks strong doesn’t mean it is safe. It is the strategic built that makes modern vehicles stand apart from the older ones. So, it is not the exterior that provides protection but the interiors that matter.

Modern cars have crumple zones that are a safety feature. It means the vehicle is built in a way that absorbs the shock on itself rather than making the passenger absorb it. When your modern car meets a crash, it draws the impact of the collision away from the passengers while an older car is not able to do so. This is why modern cars are safer than older ones!

New vehicles have crash prevention feature
Crumple zones absorb the shock and save the passengers (Photo Source: barrons)

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Advancements In Crash Prevention

Safety is not just about the performance that newer cars provide during the collision, more importantly it is about preventing the collision in the first place. Modern cars offer better eyesight meaning fewer blind spots, ABS (anti-lock braking system), airbags, seat belts, and overall sensors to adapt to the road’s condition well.

All these features are missing in the older cars, and hence, even with a steel frame, the old built does not ensure passenger safety.

Even if a modern car does not look any good after a collision, it keeps the internal conditions intact to a great extent. Thus, if it is not about that vintage look, modern cars are far superior to the older cars.

Why Modern Cars Are Safer Than Older Ones
Plastic chassis of a car ensures a higher level of safety. (Photo Source: driving)

In coming years, there would be ceaseless innovations in the automotive industry, and cars would enjoy material upgrades. There would be less need for human involvement in operation, and this would make the overall ride smoother than ever.

A car is a complex powerhouse. Safety does not simply come from the frame’s material, but the user-focus, innovative thoughts and designs that go into its interior. So if you are considering replacing your old vehicle with a new one, go for it, it is worth the price. If you cannot afford that just yet, check out our easy to understand Maintenance Tips to know the ins and outs of your car and to better make sure your old car can run as safely and smoothly as possible.