5 Unbelievable Tips When Using Old Cars

Raise your hand if you are still in love with your old car. Well, there is something about old cars that doesn’t let you sell them soon enough. The reasons could be emotional, say, it happens to be your first buy. Or, the reason could be more practical – you just bought a used car. However, when we use these cars, they need a little extra care than the new ones. But, their maintenance is not high all the same, if you try some of these unbelievable tips.

Believe it or not, there are simple tips and tricks that can help you maintain old cars without having to spend a fortune. So, here are some tips that will let you keep up with your old pal.

Easy Classic Car Care Tips When Using Old Cars

Little things you do for maintaining your old cars can be unbelievably effective. All you have to make sure is that you do it timely. This will also bring down your maintenance expenses drastically and prolong the life of your car.

Ensure Regular Oil and Filter Change

Regular oil changes extend the life of the engine. In fact, if you do not change it regularly, it can cause a host of problems in the engine over time. So, make sure that you change oil as well as the oil filter to keep the engine away from corrosion and blockage.

Old cars safety tips
Ensure Regular Filter Change of old cars (photo source: Siarhei Hivoin/Getty Images)

You can do it on your own, or you can ask a reliable mechanic to do it for you. Whichever way you do it, do not down the date and mileage after each oil and/or pump change. Do it so that you can be regular. You can also ask your service provider for your reminder.

Don’t Forget the Fluids

Replacing the differential oil and transmission fluid is very important. You do not need to change these fluids very often, but you must when it is time. Your car owner’s manual is the best source for this information.

Also, change the brake oil at regular intervals to keep the brakes working smoothly. By changing the brake oil, you protect your car brakes form moisture, rust and corrosion.


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Take Special Care of the Coolant

When you use old cars, the air conditioner can often cause problems because of the lack of or leaking coolant. We suggest that you check it every few months, or to get it checked when your car is up for service.

Check every few months for any leakages and if the level of the coolant is good to go. You can ask your service provider for this interval, or refer to your car’s manual.

Let there Be Light

Headlights, for the past few decades, are being made in plastic composite which tent to lose the luster in a few years’ time. This not only makes the car look old but also affect the clarity of headlights. Try looking for headlight restoration option. It’s a sturdy option and costs peanuts.

Replacing old cars headlights
Restoration of old cars headlight (photo source: carquestions/Youtube)

Go for a Thorough Clean-up

Regular clean-up is all good, but what an old car may need once in a few months is a thorough clean-up. It’s like overhauling the car for cleaning. This includes a lot of things – shampooing, pressure cleaning, washing, and a lot more. The idea is to get all the junk out of your car. You should even pay attention to cleaning the tires and wheels. Also, clean the grime that gets stuck under the engine bay.

Doing all this will not only make old cars feel like new but also run like new.