Are Bigger Cars Safer Than Small Cars? Looking Through How Size Matters

Size is a small word with a big meaning. This is one essential factor that car buyers consider when buying a new ride. While one may choose one over the other, it is essential to know which one would be a safer option. Some may think the bigger, the safer, and others may contradict. But are bigger cars safer than small cars ? Let’s explore the sizing factor below.

How Are Bigger Cars Safer Than Small Cars?

Car size has always been a matter of concern when investing in your new ride option. Where some people would suggest buying a smaller car, the others may tell you to invest in the bigger one. If overall safety is what you seek for, looking through the following section can come in handy.

1. The Weight Factor

Small cars are compact and may look convenient, but the fact is; the bigger the car, the better the safety. The big and heavy is always a recommended choice over small and light. The weight of a bigger car aids in preventing the reflex impact in case of a frontal collision. This is because bigger cars tend to have longer hoods, large crush zones that give them an upper hand at the time of a crash.

Learn how are bigger cars safer than small cars
How are bigger cars safer than small cars. (Photo Source: detroitnews)

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It is known that the heavier vehicle would push back the smaller and a lighter car and would suffer the least during a collision. In turn, there would be least of the damage to the car and the car occupants. A survey data says that there have been 13 fatalities per million registered SUV owners when compared to 64 fatalities per million registered small car owners. This data justifies why are bigger cars safer than small cars.

2. The Momentum Factor

When the car you are driving is heavier, it would also have more of impetus. In case, you are headed for a collision against a lighter vehicle; your car would take some time to halt. This implies that the energy of your vehicle would get transferred onto the smaller one, in turn, saving you from the consequences.

The same is not true for the smaller car though. When a big car such as an SUV collides with a sedan, the latter is likely to suffer. The push to the sedan would be greater, thus more of haphazard. So if someone asks you,”are SUVs safer than sedans,” you would know the answer. You could also go through driving tips to know about preventable car crash injuries.

Are SUVs Better?

People usually ask, “Are SUVs safer than cars,” well the answer is definitely, yes! SUVs or sports utility vehicles as you may say it is safer than cars. These vehicles are the most trending category when it comes to safety built-up and features. The advantage of bigger SUVs is that they are taller thus making them safer in case of underride. According to a 2015 survey, SUVs bagged the best position in terms of safety.

Learn how are bigger cars safer than small cars
All about how are bigger cars safer than small cars (Photo Source: vicbaileyford)

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Yes, bigger is always better, but for that, you need not compromise on other factors. Cost, fuel efficiency, convenience, comfort, and requirements are some other factors you need to look into. One more thing, technology has taken over and has invented safety systems that have nothing to do with size. Yet again, when talking about the safest, SUVs are the best.

The Final Words

Now that you know how are bigger cars safer than small cars, you would know which option to choose. If you can’t afford an SUV or don’t find it your type, you could buy a sedan too. Remember to look at the safety ratings and crash rates so that you can choose better. After all, safety has always been better than convenience!