Why Are KIAs Easy To Steal: Interesting Facts to Know!

Car theft is a major concern for vehicle owners, and it’s always unsettling to hear about a car being stolen. That’s why most automakers take security measures seriously to prevent theft. However, for some reason, some vehicles are still more prone to being stolen than others. Unfortunately, KIA models have gained a reputation for being easy targets for car thieves. The question is, why are Kias easy to steal? We’ll unlock the problem in this article: 

Why Are KIAs Easy To Steal? 

Data recorded in 7 states in the USA, compiled by the AP news agency, shows the number of Kia car thefts is still on the rise, despite the company’s efforts to improve the security system. There are a larger number of vehicles belonging to this Korean brand that is at risk of being easily stolen by thieves. So far, there hasn’t been any concrete data published on the precise number of KIAs that have been stolen, leaving the matter shrouded in mystery. 

which kia models are being stolen
KIA models have gained a reputation for being easy targets for car thieves. (Photo: pinterest.com)

From Minneapolis, Cleveland, and St. Louis to New York, Seattle, Atlanta, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, police recorded a sharp increase in the number of Kia car thefts in the first four months of this year. The eighth city – Denver – recorded the number of Kia car thefts down 23% compared to 2022 but still at a high level. So why are Kias easy to steal

The theft of  KIA models skyrocketed after a series of TikTok videos posted by many accounts showing how to steal cars without a start button or anti-theft device with just a screwdriver and a USB cable. There was a time when the theft was so widespread that some big insurers threatened to stop servicing the affected vehicles or deny coverage to customers who recently purchased these models. So we can see that the reason behind these car thefts can come from the vulnerabilities in the technology due to the lack of an anti-theft device or it can be called an immobilizer and the effect of social media. 

Although the representative from the Kia affirmed that all the Kia models also meet the standards from the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, the spokespeople were concerned that many thieves made use of social media to target the Kia models and widespread the video on how to steal the cars from automakers. As we know, in today’s digital age, theft of digital assets or sensitive information can occur due to vulnerabilities in software, networks, or data storage.

Another reason can be due to the opportunity and temptation. Sometimes, the mere opportunity and perceived ease of stealing something can tempt individuals who might not otherwise engage in criminal activities.

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Which Kia Models Are Being Stolen?

Most of the car thefts happened with models that have security flaws and some models from 2011 to 2022 weren’t equipped with an anti-theft system. These cars used a traditional key, i.e. not equipped with an electronic automatic encryption key to help the car not to be started if it has no key. The device consists of a computer chip embedded in the ignition key, which must be recognized by another chip in the steering column to start the vehicle. So you might have a question What year Kias are being stolen? Don’t worry we will list Kia models with detailed years in the table below, These are the models that are easy to steal by thieves.

Kia model Year
Sedona 2011-2021
Soul  2010-2022
K5 2021-2022
Rio 2011-2021
Optima 2011-2020
Forte 2011-2021
Sorento  2011-2022
Sportage 2011-2022
Seltos 2021-2022

So if your car is one of these models in this table, you should be careful and follow and update the guide from the Kia manufacturer to have the right method to prevent car thefts.

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How Did Kia Automaker Respond To Car Theft Trend? 

kias being stolen
Another solution you can use is to install the new software from the automakers. (Photo: pinterest.com)

Standing in the surge in car theft, what did the Kia do? The automaker was aware of the seriousness of this problem and committed to supporting customers by working with the locals to provide free steering wheel locks for car owners who have been highly impacted by car thefts. Additionally, before the increase in car thefts, Kia informed the customers who had been affected about installing new upgraded software to protect the car from thieves. According to the automaker, it just takes about 1 hour to install this software in the car. Admitting the failure to equip the anti-theft system for the vehicle, however, there are no recalls given by the Kia automakers. The manufacturer worked with the law officers and assumed that the effect of social media has played an important role in encouraging car thefts to increase. 

What can you do when massive car thefts are happening to protect the car from the thieves, you should contact the police department or the locals to have a free steering wheel lock or you can pick this part from any auto store. Another solution you can use is to install the new software from the automakers. 

We hope that all the information will be useful for you, If you have any questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to write in our comment box below!