6 Tips for Preventing Car Theft in July

July is a month for celebrating independence, but it’s also National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. This time of the summer is the prime time for car theft. Millions of dollars worth of vehicles are taken in July alone! If you want to avoid becoming one of these victims, read through the following 6 tips that we have compiled just for you.

How to Prevent Car Theft in July

From setting up an alarm system to parking in busy areas or hiding your keys, there are many ways to keep your car safe from thieves.

Install an alarm system.

The first thing that you should do is set up an alarm system. This will keep the cars safe from thieves because they won’t be able to get in without making a lot of noise and possibly getting caught.

Buy motion sensor lights.

Use motion sensor lights around your home, garage, or driveway which can scare off any potential thief. These are easy ways for you to make sure that if someone tries anything funny with your car, they’ll regret it sooner than later.

Park in a lighted spot.

Park your car in well-lit, busy areas. Thieves are not going to risk taking the time for breaking into a vehicle that is in a crowded place.

car parking
Park in a busy, secure area. (Credit: Max Pixel)

If the parking lot is in a quiet spot, it should have a video surveillance system. Burglars will avoid any place where there is a chance that they will get caught by someone walking past or on security cameras.

Don’t keep anything valuables in the car.

When you are leaving the car, take everything valuables with you. Sometimes burglars target a vehicle to access the prized items inside it, not the car itself. Take out valuables, such as laptops, registration and insurance cards, and other similar items before parking at home or work while you’re gone.

Get a car recovery system.

Invest in a vehicle recovery system that will help you find your car if it ever is stolen. This can be a great investment if your car has been stolen before or you are concerned about theft in the future.


Take the keys off the ignition.

When you get out of the car, don’t leave the keys in the ignition. No one in a car with the keys hanging on sight is a kind of invitation to the thieves.

If the car gets stolen even after taking all the precautions, inform the police immediately. Also, contact the insurance company with all necessary information, so you can get the compensation without any trouble.


Car theft is a serious issue in the United States and it’s important to take precautions. The tips we’ve provided should give you some ways of avoiding becoming a victim in July. In fact, they are effective for any time of the year. If you’re concerned about car theft or have experienced any issues with your vehicle before, take precautions and contact professional service for assistance.