How To Turn On Your Headlights And The High Beam In 10 Minutes!

The headlights and high beams are essential to let other cars know about you in the dark and in low visibility. The high beams also allow the driver to see ahead of the road so as to prevent any of the upcoming troubles. Thankfully, you do not need any special tool or training to know how to turn on high beams. You just have to learn how to use the high beams properly, which is super easy.

The Simple Procedure To Learn How To Turn On High Beams

Let us begin with understanding the simple procedure by making use of these simple steps:

1. Locate The Switch Of Headlight

Most importantly you must be sure about the location of your headlights in your car. Generally, the headlights are located at the end of the blinker lever. However, this position may vary depending upon the model of your car. You may find the blinker liver on the left side of the steering wheel.

Besides, you also need to know the position of the headlight switch in your car. Make sure you know the exact location so as to make a quick access to that at the time of emergencies.

Locate The Switch Of Headlight
Switch of headlight position. (Photo Source: wikiwand)

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2. Switch On Your Headlight Switch

The following step is to turn your headlight switch on from the options that it has. Generally, a typical headlight switch has the following 4 options:

  • Off position; often represented by ‘O’ symbol
  • Parking lights
  • Headlights
  • Auto option

You must be aware of this sequence for being sure of how to turn on high beams. The parking lights are mostly used by the driver when the running car is standing in the parking lot. You can also make use of these lights for making your car more visible without turning the entire headlights on.

It is advisable to turn on your headlights so that you catch the attention of the other car drivers and get protected against all the possible car accidents. You can also let your headlights be turned on during the daytime for better visibility of your car to others.

3. Turning On The High Beams

To turn on the high beams in your car, you again need to use the blinker lever. The very simple way of turning the high beam on is to push the blinker lever away from you. While pushing away the lever, you must feel the click to be sure that the high beams are turned on.

As soon as you feel the click, your car’s high beams are turned on. Further, when you are in need to turn off the high beams, you just have to bring the blinker lever back to the original position.

4. Turning The High Beams For A Shorter Time

When you are in need to turn your car’s high beam for just a few minutes or a shorter amount of time, you have another simple way of doing so. Just pull the blinker lever towards you and keep holding its position till the time you need your high beams on.

These are the simple ways of highlighting the necessary information on how to turn on high beams. Always remember to use the high beams and the headlights to provide the necessary visibility to your car. This will provide safety to you as well as to the other driver as well.

Turn on high beams at night
Every driver needs high beam while driving at night. (Photo Source: tisstory)

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Additional Safety Tips Concerning How To Turn On High Beams:

Besides the simple steps of how to turn on high beams, you must also keep in mind the necessary safety tips that will enhance the safety of your car. Care enough to know the additional safety tips? Here, have a look at the same:

  1. Turn on your high beams only in areas where there are no streetlights or the place is extremely dark
  2. Also, make sure that there is no oncoming traffic when you are using your car’s high beam
  3. Always remember to change the intensity of the high beams from high to low when passing by other cars or when driving behind other cars
  4. Do remember to turn off the high beam lights when not in use as it may disrupt the other driver’s vision due to their high intensity

Isn’t it quite easy to learn how to turn on high beams? You must always encourage to learn about the usage of the high beams so as to be totally protected while driving in dark places.