Weird Driving Facts to Blow your Mind!

Did you know that drivers seated higher think they are driving slower than drivers seated lower, and so tend to speed more often?

Yes, that’s true! It is one of those weird driving facts that many out there are not aware of. Driving a car may be a routine activity, but even this is surrounded by some weird facts, which most of us are hardly aware of. Maybe some of us are aware of some of those facts, but definitely, here are some eye-popping facts, which will simply blow your mind away.

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Weird Driving Facts – Interesting and Bizarre

With so many weird facts about driving, here we have chosen the best ones, which are simply interesting and bizarre. Well, you too should have the industry knowledge, if you own a car or looking forward to buying one.

No Eating while Driving in Cyprus

In Cyprus, eating or even drinking water while driving is illegal. Yes, you read that right! Grabbing a snack at a drive-through can put you in a situation, where you will just be paying fine. And, don’t even think to sip your favorite drink while you are on the roads.

More Traffic, A Fewer Friends

People who tend to live more on the streets with more traffic have fewer friends in their personal life. Such people even spend less time with people.

World Record for Fastest Back Driving

Is driving backward that you are aspiring to? Well, a Nissan Leaf set a world record of the fastest car driven over a measured mile in reverse has been set. It happened at the Goodwood Festival of Speed recently.

Back driving is one of the weird driving facts
Explore some weird driving facts (photo source:

Legal Driving Age is 14 in Kansas

Yes, that’s true! Legal driving age in Kansas is just 14. It is funny to see that some of them can barely see the shop counter, but they can drive a truck 100 miles. This definitely is one of those weird driving facts, which might have blown your mind.

The World’s Oldest Driving Instructor is 95

Laura Thomas who is 95 and has been offering driving lessons since 1938 is one of the oldest driving instructors and has been training people since then. The counting has gone to thousands, whom she has taught driving. And, that includes her family members as well.

Kissing while Driving- The British Commuters

As per a survey, once done on the average British travelers, it is believed that they kiss in the car approximately 680 times in their entire lifetime. Well, that’s their way to liven up the boring trip or journey. We hope that they have an automatic vehicle and have a start to finish guide to drive their car.

Clean Car is a must in Russia

If any day you visit Russia, it is better to keep your car clean and shiny throughout the day. Wondering why? Well, the reason is that driving a dirty car can get you fined up to 2000 rubles as per an online source. So, keep your car as clean as you can.

Weird driving facts that effects your car
Cleaning you car can avoid weird driving facts (photo source: Self Clean Car)

Well, these were some of the topmost weird driving facts, which might have blown your mind away. Go ahead and look for some more out there.