5 Common Misunderstandings about Car of Kenyan Drivers

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. However, people from other countries, especially from different continents, believe in so many myths about many African countries. There are also so many misunderstandings about car of Kenyan drivers. Most of these assumptions are based on what people see in movies or TV series.

Common Misunderstandings about Car of Kenyan Drivers

Let’s find out some silly presumptions and notions that people have about Kenyan drivers and driving in Kenya in particular.

#1 You are screwed if the car fails in the middle of a road.

Many people think that most of Kenya are still a jungle and you are screwed if your car breaks down in the middle of a road. It’s like you will end up in the middle of nowhere. Well, that’s not the case. If you are a tourist and rent a car, the rental company will provide 24/7 service for any type of accident or mechanical failure. Besides, even if you are driving your own car, you will get help because the roads are not deserted.

misunderstandings about car of Kenyan drivers
Kenya is not a jungle, so you’ll get help. Source: Nairobi Car Rental

#2 All the cars run in Kenya are passenger-carrying minivans.

It is one of the most popular misunderstandings about car of Kenyan drivers. There will be no shortage of people who think that the only cars seen in the Kenyan roads are minivans that serve as a hybrid between a taxi and a public bus. Well, it is not untrue, for you will see the famous ‘Matatu” (the 14-seat Nissan minivan) crammed up with passengers ruling the roads of the country. However, you will also see numerous privately owned cars and luxury vehicles careening down streets.

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#3 Car hijacking is rife in Kenya.

It’s partially true. Such incidents mostly happen in Nairobi and Mombasa. There are several high-crime areas in these two cities that you should avoid if not necessary. Besides, drivers in Kenya have to remain alert when driving at night and on the roads that link a major city center to residential areas.

4# All the cars in Kenya are reconditioned.

misunderstandings about car of Kenyan drivers
Kenya imports reconditioned cars from Japan. Source: Business Daily

This widespread notion is only partially true. The middle- and low-income people rely on reconditioned vehicles because they are cheap. Another thing is almost 90% of the used cars are imported from Japan because they are available in much better conditions than the other rusty handed-downs. Despite the burgeoning market for second-hand vehicles, there are still many people that purchase new cars.

5# Air conditioning system in a car works in two-way.

It is a misconception that many Kenyan drivers have about their cars. They think that the car’s AC works that way it functions in a house. The truth is it works in a one-way system that cools and removes humidity from the air. It functions in a closed-loop with a high- and low-pressure side.