Top Five Cars Driven By Celebrities

Celebrities enjoy the finer things in life. They have nice homes, they take great vacations, and they own nice cars. Actors, music artistes, and athletes making millions of dollars would most likely not be caught getting in a car that could tarnish their image.

What are the most popular celebrity cars? Well, first we should say that the most popular celebrity cars usually don’t go for under six figures, BUT there are some that do. With that said, there are also some rides that go for well over seven figures, here goes!


The Maserati was made famous in celebrityville by Vincent Chase of HBO’s Entourage. Well, it wasn’t, but for fans of the show they remember there was an episode that featured this beautiful machine. Now perhaps you’ll see Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent, a whole host of athletes, and Lindsay Lohan cruising around in a Maserati from time to time. It’s definitely one of the most popular cars in Hollywood.


Porsche may be the official car of celebrities and athletes of the various models of Porsche all types of celebrities own them. Rapper The Game, Gwen Stefani, Jim Carrey, Jonah Hill, Rob Kardashian and once again a ton of athletes own the various models of Porsche. The Cayenne is particularly popular with female celebrities.

Mercedes G Wagon

Every single Kardashian female owns a Mercedes G Wagon. Mercedes as a whole is a popular celebrity vehicle. The G Wagon is one of the most popular SUVs amongst female celebrities. Aside from the Kardashians, Audrina Patridge, Ashley Tisdale, Megan Fox and Hilary Duff all drive Mercedes G Wagons.

Range Rover

The Range Rover is definitely a personal favorite and one of the more common celebrity SUVs, being the car of preference for Ryan Seacrest, Aaron Eckhart, Jeremy Piven, Jessica Simpson, Michael Phelps, Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, and Kiera Knightley.

Aston Martin

The Aston Martin takes our list of celebrity cars to the next level. Mercedes, Porsche, and Range Rover are expensive cars, but not unobtainable for the common man. Aston Martin and the next few cars take it to a whole other level. Daniel Craig (that’s James Bond’s car for the record), Hugh Grant, Sylvestyer Stallone, Halle Berry and a dozens more own this several hundred thousand dollar machine.

Bugatti Veyron

As we continue to ascend up the price range (and ascend a whole heck of a lot) we stumble upon the Bugatti Veyron. This isn’t necessarily a common celebrity car, but a car that celebrities spoil themselves with (it costs about $1.7 million). Those driving this unbelievable car include Cristiano Ronaldo, Simon Cowell, Jay-Z, Tom Brady, Tom Cruise and a few other super rich.


We’re not going to forget BMW just because Kim Kardashian pimps around her Mercedes G-Wagon. BMWs are awfully popular cars among celebrities. Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Taylor Lautner, THE SITUATION, and Anne Hathaway all drive BMWs. Ultimately, BMW isn’t as popular as Mercedes, but still present in Hollywood and seems to be more popular with overseas celebrities.