The Common Modifications Of A Ricer Car

What is a ricer car? Ricer stands for ‘Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements’. As the full-form name suggests, these are regular cars but with plenty of cosmetic modifications. Motorheads also call the owners of these vehicles ricer.

The vehicles look like a race or performance car, but all modifications are strictly for aesthetic purposes. Their performance is similar to a stock or sometimes even worse than its stock counterpart.

What Are The Common Modifications Of A Ricer Car?

A ricer looks fast, but it actually is not. The vehicles have unnecessary upgrades that affect their performance most of the time. These are opposite to sleepers that look unassuming but yield a stellar performance on the road.

The most common modifications seen in ricer are (but not limited to):

what is a ricer car
The exhaust produces loud noise only (Photo Source: hotcars)


Performance Exhaust. The exhaust is completely useless unless you want the car to create a loud banging sound to annoy everyone else in the road.

Performance Intake. Another useless addition that sounds like something that enhances performance but does nothing. It is a tube behind or on top of the engine and blows cold air to the engine.

Huge Body Kits. Mostly accented with chicken wire, the function of such a body kit is to make the vehicle appear lower than its normal height.

Massive Rear Spoiler. These spoilers are so large that they look ridiculous. It looks like something made for a Boeing 747. The modification is even stupider for an FWD (front wheel drive) car because its drive wheels are in the front.

Stickers. Ricers love to decorate their car with stickers because they think it looks cool. Most of these stickers are from after-market parts that the car does not have.

Modified Suspension. Such a modification makes the car unsafe and wobbly but the ricers still go for it because they think it looks good. You will see these cars almost scrape the ground because of the absurd camber on the tires.

ricer car
Rims make the car unstable (Photo Source: picuki)

Huge Rims. Another expensive modification that does not even look good, let alone enhancing the performance. Some rims even cost more than the vehicle itself.

The Bottom Line

The trend started with imported Japanese cars including several models of Honda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru. However, all cars with bad cosmetic modifications nowadays are considered a ricer. You will see many American models including Ford Focus, Dodge Neon, and Chevy Cavalier with these useless enhancements. These economy cars are designed to go slow so their owners often get mental satisfaction by giving them a makeover to look like a racing car. Remember that some Japanese cars like Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, and Subaru WRX are high-performance vehicles capable of providing speedy rides. These models won’t be considered as ricer even if they have some cosmetic modifications.

You can detect a ricer car on the road even without looking at it. Most of the time, these are the cars that annoy everyone with loud and bad music cranking the subwoofer on the max. The owners of these cars just want to show off, whether it’s bad aesthetic or bad music.