Ferrari Enthusiast’s Concern: The Annual Cost to Own a Ferrari

Ferrari is very much a dream car to won. But, not everyone dares to own it, mainly for two reasons. One – it does take quite some money to buy it. Two – it takes even more to maintain it. Or does it? Well, the truth is that a lot more can own a Ferrari than you think. The only two things that you need to consider again are its cost and the annual cost to own a Ferrari. One you are sure about these two costs, it is easier to assess how much financial load you will have on your head in a year. And, this is exactly what we’re telling you about in this blog post.

What is the Annual Cost to Own a Ferrari?

Buying a new Ferrari may seem a bit overwhelming at first. However, if you follow a regular maintenance schedule, the car can last fuss-free for years and give you the value for money. Nevertheless, it does take some inside industry knowledge to figure that.

Here is a comprehensive look on annual cost to own a Ferrari (different models), segregated different expenses.


Oil Change

Annual Fluids

Major Service*


Brake Pads





Vin Specific


























(*Information taken from reputed Ferrari dealership)

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The Truth about Ferrari

Well, if you are in for a high-end luxury car, Ferrari sure stands among the first few choices. It may be an expensive deal when it comes to buying it. If you are looking for an auspicious day to buy your car in 2017, do it. A Ferrari doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket. If you talk of late car models the maintenance cost of almost all of them is the same.

Learn about Annual Cost to Own a Ferrari
Truth about the Annual Cost to Own a Ferrari (photo source: Topspeed)

As visible from the table above, you can see that its maintenance is not too much off the mark when it comes to high-end luxury cars. The only reason why you may get less process when you sell an old car is because of depreciation.

The point is to take care of it like you take care of a luxury car. Don’t take it for granted that it takes care of itself. Just because it has avant-garde technology, sophisticated parts and hand crafted body, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need care. The more you take care of it, the less is the annual cost to own a Ferrari.

Can You Make it Cost Even Less?

Find the annual cost to own a Ferrari
Information about the annual cost to own a Ferrari (photo source: Auto Evolution)

Well, maybe you can, if you have a sound mechanical hand. If you do understand the mechanics of the parts in the engine bay, here is how you can save some money. When you know this, you can use your discretion for the time gap between each oil change. While traditionally this interval is fixed at 3000 miles, in case you are using modern synthetic oils, it could be 5,000-7,500 miles.

So, is Ferrari your next car?