Subaru Logo: The Significance And Gradual Evolution

Subaru is one of the biggest automaker companies in the world. In 2012, it became the 22nd largest automaker by production in the world. The company is a subsidiary of the parent company Subaru Corporation. It is the automobile manufacturing division of the Japanese transportation corporation. The Subaru logo is a part of the brand’s evolution and a symbol of its journey from nothing to a successful automaker brand.

Subaru is the first automobile manufacturing brand to choose a Japanese word as its name. The word means ‘unite’, which is an indication of the imagery used on the Subaru emblem.

The Mythical Connection Of Subaru Logo Design

The Subaru logo features a cluster of six stars in the Taurus constellation. The Japanese name of the Subaru symbol is ‘mutsuraboshi’, which means six stars. Have you ever wondered why there are exactly six stars on the logo and what do they represent?

The ancient Greeks named the six-star cluster ‘Pleiades’. According to Greek mythology, the stars personifies the seven daughters of Titan god Atlas and an Oceanid nymph Pleione.

subaru star constellation
The Pleiades Constellation. (Photo Source: desktopbackground)


The seven daughters in the Pleiades are:

Alcyone—Being the largest star and for having the central position, she is often considered to be the main star of the constellation. Her name means ‘queen who wards off evil’.

Asterope—The literal translation of the name is ‘lightening’. It is a double star in the constellation.

Merope—The least shiny star in the constellation. According to Greek mythology, she was the only Pleiad that married a mortal.

Maia—The eldest daughter of Atlas and Pleione was the most beautiful among her sisters. The shy goddess lived in a cave in Mount Kyllene in Arkadia. She was a lover of Zeus and gave birth to his son Hermes.

Electra—The name means ‘bright’ or ‘shining’ and aptly so because she is the third brightest star in the constellation. She was the mother of Dardanus, the founder of Troy.

Taygeta—Another double star in the Pleiades constellation. According to Greek myth, Zeus defiled her while she was unconscious. She was later transformed into a doe.

Celaeno—The name means ‘darkness’ or ‘blackness’, which is quite appropriate because the star is difficult to spot with the naked eye. She was one of the wives of the sea god Poseidon.

The History Behind Subaru Logo Design

If you are wondering about the meaning of Subaru logo, you will be glad to know that there is an interesting story behind that iconic emblem.

The parent company of Subaru is Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). Five different companies created this conglomerate in 1953 and they later merged with the FHI.

You might already be thinking that why the Subaru logo features only six stars while the constellation it is designed after has seven. In the Pleiades constellation, two stars are located so close to each other that they look like one big star. Subaru used that ploy to represent the parent company and its subsidiaries. The largest star in the Subaru logo is for Fuji Heavy Industries while the five smaller ones symbolize the five companies merged with FHI. The badge’s blue background embodies the colors of the Pleiades stars.

six stars subaru
Changes in Subaru Logo. (Photo Source: subaru)

The Subaru star constellation indicates the brand’s global unity. The logo has been around since 1958 without going through major changes.

An oval shape surrounds the six stars Subaru emblem. It fits better in dynamic design frameworks than square shapes. Due to its functionality, many automotive brands including Toyota, Land Rover, Maserati, Ford, and more use this shape in their emblem.

The logo features blue and silver colors, which appears to be the most fitting choices. The silver stars shine in the background of blue, representing the night sky. The biggest star is the brightest just like it is in the Pleiades constellation.

The Evolution Of Subaru Logo

Unlike the badge of other automotive companies, Subaru has not brought many changes to its logo. The designers changed the placement of the stars and background color for a couple of times.

subaru emblem
Current Subaru Badge. (Photo Source: subaru)

The earlier versions had more resemblance to the actual cluster by featuring interconnected stars. The designers tried with golden stars, some minimal revisions of the silver oval, and red and speckled backgrounds.

The designers later changed the actual logo design too by re-positioning the stars and connected them with one another. The biggest star went to the upper left side and the other five stars are aligned across the middle and bottom right corner. The current Subaru logo has a comparatively lighter blue background with gradient shades and flatter edges of the oval shape.