New Trends In Automotive Industry

When one of our clothes gets squeamish, we can buy a new piece without any issue, right? That, unfortunately, is impossible with cars. Just because, it is impossible to buy or exchange a car every week. There are people that really don’t like the color and facilities of their own car. Well, now the automotive industry says, those days are over and you can customize your car the way you want. There are opportunities for all tastes and pockets, from stickers to LEDs and reverse cameras. All these items are available to give a stroke to your vehicle. Below are the 4 new trends in automotive industry.

The roofing

Adhesives for ceiling are available for your Japanese used cars. With the help of these adhesives, you can now wrap your car the most innovative way. It is more discreet and also cheaper. This is the new tendency in the car industry. Now, instead of polishing the entire car with a colored film, the trend is to apply a “bandage” on the ceiling. The partial customization this bodywork only costs between $250 and $500, depending on the material used and the application technique. This has become a global fashion. You can choose from thousands of choices. A vast majority of car users is looking for this option. However, it is yet possible to apply carbon fiber, vibrant colors, flags, custom designs on the roof of your car.

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Colorful wheels

For most people, it is not just enough to change the color of the bodywork. The trend now is to paint the wheels. After changing the colors of your ceiling and the body, another part of the car that can undergo customization is the wheels. There are several options available to color your wheels. You can paint the rim wheels of 13 to 21 size or more. Most trendy colors are graphite and black, however, people still ask for alive colors, white and red. The price of such a service ranges from $150 to $350 according to the size of the wheels.

Centralized multimedia

The best multimedia options meet features like TV, GPS, and even reverse camera. Just imagine a simple car customized with GPS; Bluetooth, digital to, DVD, hard disk to store files and even reverse camera? Japanese used cars are now available with all these options in a compact size. However, you can still consider adding those using parallel resources. All these technological gadgets can be installed in your car without the need to modify the Panel. The power stations were designed according to the design of automobiles. This way, you do not need to cut or adjust the panel. This service can charge you around $1200 to more than $4000.

LED lights

After Audi launched the fashion of LED headlamps with the sporty R8, a large part of automakers decided to follow this trend. However, it is pretty evident that you do not need a big car for installing LED lights. You can modify the lights of your car for a cheap price.

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