The quality of trucks and cars made by companies in Korea, USA and Europe have improved a lot in recent years. As a result, car manufacturers in Japan are finding it difficult to meet up with them. One of the major factors that keep car industries in business is innovation and inventions. This has led to car manufacturers releasing new models of different brand every year. A survey carried out by a consulting firm, J.D. Power, recently on the quality of new vehicles have also proven that even in the events of consistent issues with connectivity and entertainment systems, the depth of automobile productions is getting higher in the automobile industry all over the world. Let’s review all of the car improvements in Japan.

Car users now report fewer issues with their vehicles than they have since after 2012. John Humpreys who serves as J.D. Power’s Vice President has stated that car manufacturers have been thinking outside the box to produce cars with very nice qualities in recent times. Every year models which have been upgraded are been released into the market as they improve on the infotainment and mechanical aspects of the new releases.

The survey which was carried out in 2015 has shown that, as regards the top brand when it comes to the quality of vehicle, Porshe was found to come first from the more than 84,000 vehicles that were purchased between February to March of 2015. .Vehicles made in Korea have been upgrading the features of their vehicles for years by encouraging buyers to engage in the production process of their vehicles especially as it regards the electronic components of the car. 

European vehicle makers are also improving on their car brands too and same can be said about Japanese vehicles too as they have also improved but it seems the car manufacturers in other parts of the world are upgrading faster than Japanese car makers. For instance as regards issues with vehicles, Korea had the least report of 90 issues out of every 100 vehicles they produce. This brought the number of issues down by 11 when compared with issues reported by customers who bought Korean cars in 2014. European car buyers reported 113 issues for every 100 vehicles produced while Japanese car buyers reported 114 issues for every 100 vehicles bought. 

This indicated an improvement from the 116 issues that was reported in 2014 for every 100 vehicles made in Japan. The figures in the 2015 survey compared to other previous surveys however, saw European cars having fewer issues than Japanese cars for the very first time. Vehicles made in US recorded 114 issues for every 100 vehicles produced. The average of issues for every 100 vehicles produced in the automobile industry for the 2015 survey recorded 112 issues for every 100 vehicles produced. This is an improvement from the 116 issues for every 100 vehicles produced reported in 2014.This average issues for every 100 vehicles produced in the automobile industrysurpassed that of the Japanese for the very first time in the 2015 survey. In previous surveys, the issues for every 100 vehicles produced in Japan have always been lower than the automobile industry average.