Why do Hatchbacks Have a Rear Window Wiper but Sedans Don’t?

It’s something weird – why do hatchbacks have a rear window wiper but sedans don’t? In fact, it’s quite unfair that a common type hatchback has a wiper but an incredible sedan does not. Like many others, even you could have this question in your mind. Therefore, it’s time to answer what stops a sedan from having a rear window wiper.

Let’s find out!

Why Don’t Sedans have Rear Window Wiper?

Although, there are several justifications for this question, we would go with the two most rationalized ones.

1. Car’s Air Flow

All about rear window wiper
Honda Civic rear window wiper. Source: Honda

It states that the manner in which the air flows over a car having a trunk as opposed to a car that has an opening rear is different. It further states that the shape a hatchback is a question. Why? Well, this is because a hatchback vertical or almost vertical rear window, which gets dirtier than sedan cars. And thus, in hatchbacks, there is an excessive need for a rear window wiper.

2. Airflow Pattern of the Car

Because of the designing of the sedans and hatchbacks, sedan cars rarely need a wiper. This is because the airflow is more turbulent at the rear over a hatch than a sedan. It is another crucial reason why hatchback cars need rear window wiper and sedan does not.

3. Fuel Consumption

Adding a wiper on a sliding rear window will create more aerodynamic drag, thus, creating more fuel consumption. Further, a wiper also requires an electric motor along with a complicated mechanism having a long arm to make the wiper wipe across the rear glass.

When it comes to a hatchback, it has enough space for all equipment while there is no space for sedans for such paraphernalia.


4. Cargo Design

Rear window wiper at the back
Cargo design and Rear window wiper. SOurce: Autoevolution

The cargo space in a sedan is much different from that of a hatchback. In a sedan, with a rear window wiper at the back, it will be difficult to open the cargo space in to keep the luggage. You may have noticed the manner in which a sedan cargo space opens up. This is why having a rear wiper can be troublesome. Whilst, this is not the case with a hatchback.

5. Car Designing

Most design departments does not like the look of a sedan car with a rear window wiper. Well, the reason why they don’t like is unknown, but the primary explanation is that it spoils the look of the car. Hence, most automakers do not use rear wiper while manufacturing a sedan car. While to your surprise, a few automakers manufacture sedans with rear window wipers. But the number is quite low.

Although, it is quite difficult to state the exact reason why sedan cars lack rear wipers, yet the above mentioned reasons are the most common. Having the industry knowledge and experience in the market, most automakers do not put a rear window wiper in sedan cars. But there is no thumb rule behind this, and thus, you may find a few manufacturers making sedan cars having rear wipers.