Are SUVs Safer Than Other Body Types? Let’s Find Out Here!

A perfect car with off-road features, what the SUV has is garnering all the attention for all good reasons. That is one reason that all SUVs need to be safe for the passengers as well as the vehicle’s durability. So is the question here “are SUVs safer,” or not? Can you go out on any trip with a relaxed mind? These questions are likely to hit before you invest in an SUV. So here is how its safety goes.

Are SUVs Safer Or Is It Just A Myth?

Travelling with safety is the right for every individual! Everyone before buying an SUV asks “are SUVs safer than other body types.” While you scroll down, you’ll find the answers to why is it a good or a bad idea to buy an SUV.

1. Comparing The SUV And The Sedan

As you may know, SUVs are heavier than any equal-sized Sedan. If you go back to science, you will know that any heavier object tends to transfer energy to the smaller or, the lighter ones. When you apply the same formula to an SUV and a Sedan, the SUV is likely to crush the Sedan when running into each other.

Having that said, you can conclude that passengers and the driver sitting in the SUV are safer than the ones in any sedan. Now, that one asks, “are SUVs safer,” the answer would be definitely a yes.

Are SUVs safer for you
Heavier is safer. Source: Auto Express

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2. How Newer Is Better

Technology has paved the way for better technologies that make up for a safer car. Car manufacturers are competing heavily to level up their safety ratings that, in turn, are making lives safer down the road. Be it the airbags, the electronic stability control, forward collision warning, speed limit alerts, or the auto braking; even the standards cars are hiking the game.

In simple words, if any old SUV happens to be in a crash with a newer standard car, the SUV is more likely to suffer.

3. Can We Conclude The SUVs To Be Safer?

According to a 2015 based fatality research, the fatality rate of SUVs is found to be the lowest. This is big news as it makes SUVs the safest among all despite the rollover or the roof problems. SUVs are taller too that, in turn, means they are safe from a condition called, “underride.” To your surprise, the large SUV safety ratings are the highest as there were only 13 to 14 deaths per million registered passenger vehicles in 2015.

Do you know the fatality rate of a large SUV has come down by 71 percent in the last ten years? Where small SUVs were not behind with nearly 60 percent downfall in the death rate! Thinking of buying an SUV? Refer to industry knowledge for stipulating the right time to buy it.

Are SUVs Safer than other cars
SUVs are statistically safer. Source: CARS24

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Wrapping Up

Having an answer to “are SUVs safer,” you would know why buying it could be the best decisions to make. It means nowhere near that it is only the SUV that you should buy. If any other sedan or hatchback seems to fall in your budget, go for it without a second thought. As in the end, it all comes down to your driving skills and your performance down the infinite lanes.