4 Surprising Car Facts That Will Make You Go WOW

We spend a significant amount of time of our life driving cars. Be it for going to school, work, charity, or other activities, you always have to drive your car. However, have you ever happened to think about the vehicle that is giving a roof up your head deeply? How well do you know your car? These four car facts should give you some clue.

Your Fuel Indicates On Which Side Your Gas Tank Is

When driving a new car or rental it might take a guess on which side the tank is. In newer models, manufacturers have begun the trend to add a ‘triangle’ to help you on that. Next time you go for a ride, try locating that arrow on the fuel indicator beside the gas pump icon. No doubt, that made it a lot easier for you to know on which side to pull up.

Fuel tank indicator

You Are Operating A Computer Run Engine

Over the years carmakers have been using computers to evolve engines. In that way they efficiently handle different aspects of emissions and fuel burning. Devices like catalytic converters and oxygen sensors transmit signals to a computer, which in turn controls various components of air and fuel intake process. A problem in this computerized system may turn on the check engine light, cause interruption when the car is running, or totally halt it.

Computer system in autos

Your Car Keys May Cost You A Fortune

In the past, losing your car key was not a matter of concern as you could easily make copies from any hardware store nearby. And that was also something inexpensive. Unfortunately the new keyless fobs cost a lot more than the traditional ones. They may cost you from $50 to $100 – which most of us don’t know until we lose our keys. To get a replacement, you also need to visit the car dealership store, form where you purchased the vehicle.

Modern car keys

The only way to save some bucks is searching through third-party websites for models that match yours. Nevertheless, make sure that you are getting the one that is wholly compatible to your car.

Just A Quick Shot Fix It All for Your Car!

 It takes only half an ounce of gas to start a car

To start your engine it doesn’t take that much gas; only about half an ounce of gas is required to start an average car. That is lower than what is poured in an average shot glass in a typical bar – which is about ONE OUNCE!