15 Facts About Electric Cars To Know Now

Electric cars are no more a dream. It, in fact, is that reality that has changed the way we used to think about these cars.  Electric cars have gained popularity in the past few years. Now is the time for everyone to know about this crazy advancement in the industry of automobiles. It was way back in 1890 that the first successful electric car was revealed in the United States. One of the main reasons why people opted for these cars was the ever-accelerating costs of fuel. But there are certain facts about electric cars, which most of us don’t know till date. And here is the list of those facts to follow about the electric cars now.

15 Key Facts about Electric Cars – Revealed

Here are some of the key facts about electric cars that you can follow now.

1. China – World’s Biggest Electric Vehicle Market

One of the first facts about electric cars is that China is the world’s biggest electric vehicle market around the globe. There are other countries responsible for the sale of these cars as well, but China is named as the biggest electric vehicle market across the world.

facts about electric cars to understand now
China is the biggest car manufacturer (Photo Source: wsj)

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2. High Speed Is Achievable

The myth that electric cars can’t move at high speed is debunked. This is one of the other electric vehicle facts that tell the world about electric cars that can run at high speed as well. Some even have the ability to go beyond 130 miles per hour.

3. The Competence

Electric cars are super efficient. Supporting the fact, these cars emit no pollution but improve the quality of the air. These cars even follow the emission and fuel economy rules and regulations set by the Government. You can always research more about these cars and gain industry knowledge at any time.

4. Safety Comes Along

Who said that electric cars are not safe? Just like any other car, even electric cars have to undergo and pass safety testing. It means one can’t proceed without the complete safety analysis of the vehicle. So, electric cars are super safe to drive.

5. Weighty With Low Noise

Electric cars are weightier than other cars. The batteries are to be blamed for the weight. Besides, when it comes to the noise, electric cars produce lesser noise, comparatively.

6. They Are Different

As we all believe that electric cars are the same, electric cars facts says that not all electric are the same. They differ, and the difference is huge. Some just use electricity to run while some others use the fuel.

real 15 facts about electric cars
Not one of them is the same (Photo Source: insideevs)

7. Uncomplicated Maintenance

Electric car facts say that these cars are super easy to maintain. There is no complication in maintaining these cars. It even uses a thing called regenerative braking, which actually contributes to a better life of the brake pad.

8. Expensive And Efficient

Another fact from the list is that these cars are expensive. Electric powered vehicles mean you will have to spend more on the batteries. Thanks to all those manufacturers who have started to manufacture the cheaper version of these batteries.

9. Most Successful Electric Car?

The name is Nissan Lead that was introduced back in 2010. The record is for the sales of more than 3, 00,000 units across the globe.

10. Charge it up, Just Like That

Recharging these electric cars is super easy. All you need to do is recharge the battery in the night to get quicker and easier results.

11. Millions Are Running On The Streets

As you are reading this right now, millions of electric cars are running on the streets now. Two million is the number, and it is still increasing every day.

incredible facts about electric cars
They may be on your streets now (Photo Source: teslanorth)

12. Investment Needed For The Future

To maintain the quantity and quality of the electric cars on the roads, it is important for us to keep up the investment now. They are reducing the price of batteries and working on making more of those electric cars to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

13. Reliable Commuting Source

Electric cars have become one of the top commuting sources for everyone across the world. Yes, this is another electric vehicle facts out of the list. One can completely rely on electric cars to commute from one place to another.

14. Suppress Climate Change

These cars can suppress climate change. This fact that there are a lesser number of electric cars on the roads will soon change.

15. Cut Down Oil Usage

Drastically! With these cars, we can cut down the consumption of fuel. Now that’s good news for both the world and the auto manufacturers.

facts about electric cars- here are top ones
They save your money (Photo Source: autocar)

The Crux

So, these were fifteen facts about electric cars. Why not go through this fact guide about electric cars now? This will read it to add to your knowledge of electric cars. So, go ahead and read it now!