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Most Popular Car In Japan – Four Best Selling Cars

When it comes to the automobile industry, Japan is known for its innovation. The Japanese vehicles have been identified as being the most practical while staying stylish as well. Today, we are going to bestow you with the details of four best-selling cars. In addition, we would conclude the most popular car in Japan by the end of the article.

Most Popular Car in Japan – The Top List

Japanese vehicles add up different categories such as family-oriented cars that come in the budget and known for their practicality. The sporty, luxurious cars, on the other hand, demonstrate one’s passion for the exteriors and the specifications. Here are our top four cars that are worth considerable anytime by the family men and passionate ones too.

1. Honda N Box (K-Car)

K-Car is an exclusive assortment of cars in Japan. These cars are known for their budget-friendliness, lightweight, and fuel efficiency. The vehicle includes a 660cc engine that makes it gain both tax and insurance benefits. For some variants, it comes fitted with turbochargers to achieve a decent speed. Its low fuel consumption and seats count make it a perfect choice for a family. It is the most popular car in Japan until date.

The Base Price remains at ¥1,385,640 with Base Engine 66-liter 3-cylinder.

Secrets to Most Popular Car in Japan
K-car is unique thing in Japan (Photo Source: motor)

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2. 2018 Toyota Prius JDM

Toyota is one of the best selling cars in Japan; it brings a full-hybrid electric car named as Prius in Japan. Since years, the model has been carrying updates for the specifications, and thus a 2018-year model is ideal. Not just being Japan’s most favorite, but the car is rocking the road of the USA as well.  The compact car features an amazing fuel economy where it provides 54 mpg in the city and 50 mpg on the highway. The huge space inside the car and the powerful specification make it a clean choice for the budget.

The Base Price remains at ¥2,429,018 with base engine 1.8-liter 4-cylinder.

3. 2017 Mazda3

Another compact car that became one of the popular cars in Japan is the MAZDA3 first introduced in 2003. Along with the excellent driving experience and the impressive exterior, the car has grown for the seating space as well. The safety upgrades such as blind-spot monitoring and traffic-sign recognition make the car worth considering.

The Base Price remains at ¥2,600,000 with base engine 1.2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder.

4. Honda Civic

The compact car that also features a sporty look is none other than the Honda Civic. For the high quality, luxurious build, the car serves the purpose just rightly. You can opt for any of the variants such as a sedan, a coupe, or a hatchback. This one of the most popular Japanese cars offers you a cool collection of features in the form of the sensing mechanism. The wizardry adds up adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and much more. More details can be found in the Car Review section about Honda Civic.

The Base Price remains at ¥2097643.16 with base engine 2.0-liter 158-horsepower engine. Though the specifications vary as per the variant, you choose.

The Most Popular Car in Japan- Mystery Revealed
Honda Civic is the best seller in Japan (Photo Source: honda2020)


Of course for the price ¥1,385,640, K-car remains as the most popular car in Japan. It is the true family car for ample space, budget, and overall specifications. We hope you enjoyed learning some of these awesome cars trending in Japan these days.

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