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Useful Facts about cars in Japan

Generally, it is a well-known fact that Japanese cars have the best conditions and are much less expensive than other brands all over the world. They are manufactured in highest quantities, as they are in the highest demand. Cheap Japanese cars have stolen the hearts of many car drivers. It is really interesting to know several Japanese car facts and secrets.

Secrets and Facts about Cheap Japanese Cars

1. It may be really surprising, but the first Japanese car in the US was the Honda Accord in 1982.

2. Japan is well-known for being number one in the sphere of auto auctions. Cheap Japanese cars are sold with the quantity of 150,000 per week through auto auctions.

3. Driving in Japan is really expensive. Not all have cars in Japan, though the market offers really affordable prices for cars. The main reason for low rate of car owners is the expensiveness of gasoline.

4. The success of Japanese cheap cars depends on the production of small and fuel efficient cars.

5. The Toyota Corolla was one of Toyota cars series which sold almost 30 million cars.

6. Driving in Japan can be inconvenient, as paid parking places are too expensive. Moreover, the buses and trains are faster and come each 3-6 minutes. So, it is much more convenient to use busses and trains than to drive a car.

7. Luxury cars, like Honda Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan and Infinity are the best selling Japanese cars.
8. Vintage and old cars are really expensive in Japan. The owners of cars older than 13 years old have to pay an extra 10% for having such car

Useful Japanese car facts

9. Top 5 Japanese automobile companies are considered to be Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi.

10. Japanese cars, like Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are most liked of the USA thieves, as they provide the greatest market for stolen parts.

11. The studies have shown recently that eighty percent of Toyota cars, which were sold even 20 years ago, can be driven greatly on the roads of America. Toyota is mostly liked by the users for its longevity.

12. Nowadays, so many diverse brands of Asian autos are built in America, like Toyota and more. These manufacturers provide so many people with steady employment.

13. It is not common to meet a Nissan, Lexus or Mitsubishi car with 1,000,000 miles. However, a 1990 Honda Accord did that. Though it has been used so much, the engine was rebuilt once only.

14. Subaru is considered to be the safest car for pets. Recently, announced that the Subaru Tribeca is the safest vehicle for pets. Thus, if you want to take your favorite pet with you on your trips, just get Subaru Tribeca.

Cheap Japanese cars with all their extraordinary, interesting and useful features got the attention of the whole world. They are reliable, affordable, safe and really interesting!

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