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Why Racers Push Brake And Gas At The Same Time?

Using brake and gas at once while driving the car might sound out of the ordinary to you. But, it is a daily task for car racers who only desire to win. The racing drivers do press both the brake and gas pedals together on purpose. It is an old technique used by the racers to maintain their speed and monitor the weight transfer of the car. These drivers push brake and gas simultaneously to trim down the extra time shifting foot. You should not try this with your traditional automobile at all. The mechanism is not the same as every vehicle on the roads.

Let us talk about the reasons racers push both the pedals in one go.

Top Reasons Behind Drivers Pushing Brake And Gas Altogether

Modern cars do not offer brake and gas at the same time mechanism. The gas pedal automatically goes out of the picture the moment you push the brake pedal. In simple words, you cannot accelerate the car while pushing brake pedal at one fell swoop. Some people push both the pedals at once to heat the brake and engine accelerator. In addition, if you have a front wheel brake car, then the chances of burnouts are more. The front wheels remain frozen, and the rear wheels spin producing burnouts.

The factors that make drivers push both the pedals together are:

1. To Match The Engine Revs

Racing drivers have to match the engine revolutions while shifting gears. Smoother shifting of gears is done by pushing the brake and gas pedal simultaneously. The drivers push the accelerator according to the engine speed for harmonizing with the lower gear speed. You should not do this as an unprofessional at all. The mechanism can damage the entire transmission system in no time.

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You should never try this with your car

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2. To Reduce Wheel Locking

Some drivers perform this stunt to trim down the chances of rear wheel locking. The risk of wheel locking is a little more in rear wheel drive automobiles. That is why the driver brake and gas all together to balance the weight of the car making it lighter. According to the professional driving tips, the drivers of a racing car does this always before the race. It becomes much easier to downshift the gears while braking heavily.

3. To Maintain Constant Pressure

A driver changes foot from brake pedal to the gas pedal in a fraction of seconds. The transmission box and braking system might burn into pieces if the process goes wrong. That is why it is essential to learn the basics of foot shifting before doing the practical. It is also referred to as Heel Toe shifting done to maintain the constant pressure. The driver pushes the brake and gas with the heel & toe correspondingly. You do not have to do it with modern cars. It is because electric cars shift gears and accelerate automatically.

Facts about Brake and Gas
This is drifting, a technique to maintain the same pressure while changing direction

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Hence, the drivers push brake and gas at the same time to reduce the pressure and maintain the speed of the vehicle. And this is no feat for commoners.

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