20 Funny and Weird Traffic Laws in the US

Ever heard of this weird traffic law in Alaska that forbids drivers to tie a dog on the car roof? This sure makes you wonder what the heck people in Alaska have done to render this law made. If traffic laws were always this funny, studying for your driver’s license test would be a much more interesting challenge. 

You should be familiar with basic rules and driving tips intended to maintain order and safety on the roads, but who knows there are so many weird laws that do not seem to serve that purpose and make you wonder the backstory of its creation. Curious? Here is a selection of the funniest traffic laws in the US that will definitely raise some eyebrows.

Weird Traffic Laws in the US


No dogs tied on the roof of the car. There is no mention of tying a dog to a different spot on the car, and as for the fate of other animals, we do not know since the law doesn’t specify. 

funny traffic laws US
Many drivers have been fined for driving with their dogs on top. (Photo Source: hotcars)


It is illegal to drive while blindfolded in this state. Um, surely doing so is not safe, but why does “driving blindfolded” have to be blatantly stated as a law?


In Arizona you might see some signs saying “No going back”, that is you must not drive in reverse on public road. It’s possible that many drivers in the state like to drive in style to show off their skills behind the steering wheels. 


Women are forbidden to drive in their bathrobes, housecoats or dressing gowns. Sounds like somebody is so busy over there that they drop the kids off to school in the morning without changing into proper streetwear. 


It’s forbidden to drive a black car on Sunday. To avoid complications, drivers might just choose not to buy black cars at all. 


This might just top the list of weird traffic laws yet. By Florida law, you must pay for the parking meter if you tie an elephant, a goat or an alligator to it. I’m not sure if normal pets require the same treatment. 

funny traffic laws in US
You gotta pay for “using” public property. (Photo Source: carnews)


In Idaho Falls, elderlies above the age of 88 must not ride a motorcycle. Life expectancy here must be abnormally high for there is a law to keep grandpas off the roads. 


It’s illegal to drive a car without a steering wheel here. You might be screaming inside: “Hooooow?!?”. Drivers sure can get creative. 



In this state car sales on Sunday is forbidden. Um, what about buying of cars? 


It’s illegal to transport “dead poultry”, or chicken, on Kansas roads, so … only live chicken?

weird traffic laws
In Kansas, if you want to transport chickens, they must be alive and kickin’. (Photo Source: ttnews)


You will be fined if your pet “molest” another’s vehicle in Fort Thomas. Although the word is not clearly defined and can encompass a broad number of meanings, depending on your imagination, let’s just keep your pet away from parked cars. 


By law, a woman can only drive a car after her husband waves a flag in front of it. Ladies, race on!


You are not allowed to drive with a gorilla sitting in the back seat. Well, we do know King Kong is a badass. 


You are in trouble is your truck leaves mud or dirt on public roads. Carwash must be in good business here. 


If you transport sheep here on a truck, you will need to have another one in the car to watch them. No sheep without supervision. Okay, do sheep do any weird shit that we must know about? 


If you’re driving on a country road at night, you’re required by law to stop every mile, set off flare and wait 10 minutes each time for livestock to cross the road. Flares is a universally understood signal telling oncoming traffic that your vehicle is in a life-threatening situation. Better get to your destination before it gets dark, or else it might take you 10 hours to get there.  

South Dakota

You can get your driver’s license as soon as you hit 14 years old. More than a weird traffic law, that’s simply … alarming. 

weird US traffic laws
We hope teen drivers in South Dakota are good. (Photo Source: southlakemn)


You’re not allowed to shoot any animal other than … whales from your vehicle. You won’t need to see where Tennessee is on a map to find this super weird. 


No racing with birds here, because birds are given the right of way on highways. 


In Waynesboro, a woman cannot drive down Main street unless her husband walks in front of it waving a red flag. Is this superstition or sexism or racing spirit or what?

weird funny traffic laws
The red flag does remind one of racing scenes in the movies. (Photo Source: thenewswheel)

Hope you got some good laughs with the 10 weird traffic laws in the US that we handpicked. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” We know these traffic laws are weird-ass, but if you are traveling to a different state it is safer to familiarize yourself with traffic laws and public laws here, or you may have to pay some hefty fines for some weird-ass reasons. If you happen to be visiting Japan any time soon, be sure to check out this list of must follow rules while driving in Japan