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Must Follow Rules While Driving In Japan

Japan is a land of experiences and if you are a foreigner in the city, you better know the driving rules. It is a real thrill to drive on the roads of Japan as the lush greenery and the wide roads will give you the best experience of your life. Here are a few things that you do not know about driving in Japan.

Stopping at Train Tracks:

Stopping at Train Tracks

The major public transports in Japan are the trains and the country is full of train tracks. When you are near a train track, you need to halt there, check left & right and then cross the track. You cannot directly jump the train tracks. Yes, it is a rule!


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Show your Hazard lights:

Show your Hazard lights
Source: Don Bayley / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Japanese are very kind and patient when it comes to dealing with people. The Japanese drivers do not get aggressive or yell at each other when they are on the roads. They allow other drivers to pass rather than fighting for it. If you are in Japan, do not forget to bow your head as it is a gesture of respect. You can also flash a hazard light which means that you have seen the other driver.

Drive left:

Drive left

You might be used to driving on your right, but the Japanese law differs here. All the citizens, as well as foreigners, must drive on the left. You might find it difficult in the initial stage, but no worries, it will soon become a part of your routine.

Parking permit:

Parking is always an issue when it comes to driving. Be it in your home country or be it in Japan, you must carefully park your vehicle. You cannot park in the lanes, curb, double park or use private properties to park your vehicle when you are driving in Japan. You can opt for official parking if you are in Japan. And, yes it is chargeable. You need to pay 2,000 yen for a night and 500 yen for 30 minutes. Do check the charges before parking your vehicle.


driving in Japan
Source: David Stevenson | Getty Images

High-speed kills! So, true isn’t it? There are certain laws when it comes to driving in Japan. You cannot go beyond 40km/hr if you are driving within the city.  The highways limit is set between 80-100 km/hr. You can drive between 30-60 km/hr when you are in other places. You might feel like increasing your speed after experiencing the wide roads, but, you will be fined if you cross the speed limit.

Thus, if you are confident about your driving skills, driving in Japan can be the best experience of your life. All you need to do is follow the traffic and the driving rules in Japan and enjoy your journey.

Do share your Japan driving experience with us! Were you fined? Let us know!


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