Three Positions in Car that shouldn’t be Decorated

Every car owner seeks unique and innovative ways of decorating the car, to make it look aesthetic and luxurious. However, very few are aware of the fact that there are certain enforced rules and regulations, defining the positions in car that shouldn’t be decorated. Guiding you for safe driving; if ignored, can endanger your safety and lead to a sudden mishap.

Positions in Car that shouldn’t be Decorated and Why?

Car decoration compromising the safety of the driver and the passengers while riding in the car is strictly not acceptable. Therefore, to ensure people’s safety, the concerned police forces decisively prohibit the use of certain objects and spaces in the car from embellishment (defined under driving tips).

1. Steering Wheel

Steering wheel is one of the positions in car that shouldn’t be decorated
Steering wheel is main car-regulating component. Source: BMW

Many car lovers cover this electronic component to give an affluent look to the vehicle’s interior while some decorate it for comfort purpose. With so many reasons to cover the steering wheel, people are ignoring the fact that it is the main car-regulating component.

In other words, if the fancy items are glued to the wheel, these may affect its rotating operation. Some of these safety-endangering objects are ribbons, flowers, or contemporary covers with toys pictures. Besides this, the things can also influence the functioning of the airbag, where they may not open fully during a car crash. Thus, causing the individuals inside the car injured badly. So, all those who are looking for safe driving should not have any decorations on the steering wheel.

2. Dashboard

Some positions in car that shouldn’t be decorated
All about the positions in car that shouldn’t be decorated. Photo: Yuri Kadobnov / AFP/Getty Images

Placing deity’s idol, toys, electronic devices, or any other such things on the dashboard has become a trend. However, according to experts, this flaunting attitude can cause accidents on the road; if not affixed firmly. Moreover, it has been observed that the risk of injury increases with these gadgets on the dashboard.

Hence, like many other positions in a car that shouldn’t be decorated, this one should also be kept at bay in order to prevent an accident. Furthermore, these things can upset the working of airbags located under the dashboard. So, think before you act!


3. The area near Car Glass

When it comes to safety, the airbag is the first thing that comes to mind. However, many are unaware of the protection that a car glass offers from debris and other extreme climatic conditions. Also known for providing a clear and precise view, all the car glasses hold different reasons for not decorating them with hard objects or paint.

Front Glass

The front window popularly known as the windshield must not have objects affixed to it. Because during a car jerk or when it collides with another vehicle, the beautify objects fall on the drivers and passengers seat; thus, increasing the risk of injuring people.

Additionally, it is not recommended to cover any part of the glass with paint or any poster, as it obstructs the front view.

Rear Windshield

Adorned with soft toys, flags, or sometimes informative posters, the back window in the car voice a strict “NO” to the decoration. Undoubtedly, they won’t fall on the driver during jerk or accident but restricts the view of the other vehicles running behind. In addition, if the advice is not taken seriously, you may end up hitting the car from behind.

Side Glass

Finally, the car’s side glass is what needs your attention!

Obviously, the car shakes during the drive and if at positions next to the glass, has certain hard objects like hanging toy, glass things or other ones; then, this may hit the person hard causing severe injury.

Hope these useful tips can now help you in determining the positions in car that shouldn’t be decorated. And lets you enjoy a safe driving!

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