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The Honda Urban EV – An In-depth Review

The trend of automobile manufacturers taking the route of electric cars has caught up with Honda. The company recently brought out its Honda Urban EV concept car. The car with a minimalist look suite the urban drivers. Drivers can expect a car with futuristic technology and comfort. The Honda Urban EV technology offers drivers with timely suggestions. It encourages natural communication between the driver and the car. Honda Urban EV is the company’s version of new communication between a car and its owner.

The Honda Urban EV Concept

The Honda Urban EV known as Prototype E is an urban, electric, minimalist and advance car with the latest AI from Honda. The company envisions it as a small and affordable electric car releasing zero-emissions. Honda EV carries a retro look on the front side with round headlights, not to forget a back-lit Honda emblem. You can browse online to check out the latest car reviews for any model. We will now reveal to you what makes Honda EV the first choice for electric car lovers.

1. Doors And Mirrors

Car stylists found the opportunity to add a set of rear doors in the Honda Urban EV car. These come in C-pillars to keep the two-door look intact. The front doors are narrower in the Prototype E. These will open in a conventional way. Honda Urban EV has tiny cameras in place of the conventional mirrors. The problem with legalizing cars having cameras would take time. The company will provide E with traditional mirrors in the majority of countries to prevent any hassle.

These doors will open in a conventional way (Photo Source: honda)

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2. Interiors

The Honda Urban EV interiors are the stuff of a tech lover dreams. It will feature a tablet screen replacing the analog instruments. The tablet screen would provide information about the car and its surroundings in high res. It comes with two driver-configurable screens replacing the majority of buttons available on dashboard and center console of conventional cars. The result is a clean and minimalist cockpit. Honda aims to give the interior of the Honda Urban EV a lounge-like appearance with a flat floor. The car packs sofa-like fabric on the seats.

3. Battery Power

The Honda Urban EV comes with a new platform. Honda has a platform design for electric cars. The company promises 124 miles of smooth driving. The battery comes with a fast-charging system. It would provide 80% charge within a minimal of 30 minutes. An electric motor over the rear axles draws electricity from the battery pack under the floor. It will use the electric power to zap the rear wheels. It makes the Honda Urban EV a good option for those looking to buy a non-polluting car.

The Secret of HONDA URBAN EV
Honda has a platform design for electric cars (Photo Source: evo)

Final Words

It is a bit difficult to predict the exact date of launch of the Honda Urban EV. The model in the car auto show held in Geneva is a production prototype. The Honda EV is under development. You can expect the company declaring the price and availability within the next few months. The Honda EV is the future of the car industry.

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