Fuel Pump: 9 Things You Need To Pay Attention

Knowing your vehicle use gas or oil, fuel cap on the right side or left side are the basics knowledge of every driver before arriving gas station. Pumping fuel by yourself, on the other hand, is another story.

How to Fill Your Gas Tank Correctly and Safely

Gas pumping is an important skill in modern life nowadays, for both new drivers and expert drivers. In gas stations, there are usually workers pumping the gas for you. However, sometimes drivers will have to pump the car themselves. In those situations, it is important to understand which type of fuels your vehicle needs, how to handle the gas tank and how to pump the gasoline in the correct way.

Pick The Right Energy 

Pick the wrong energy can damage your car

As a driver, it is essential to understand what kind of energy your car is using. In the situation that you want to use rented car, you should also ask the owner.

At the gas station, there are usually a separate filling column for oil and another column for gasoline, but sometimes they share the same column. Drivers must check carefully to be sure there are no mistakes, since pumping the wrong energy will destroy engine. In case of faulty filling, car owners should not start the car and bring it to car workshop immediately.

The Side Of Your Fuel Cap

Always remember the location of your fuel cap

With an unfamiliar car, drivers should notice this details before driving. But if you forget, here is a simple tip for drivers: All you need to do is to look at the small triangle next to gas icon on dashboard: The triangle always turns to side of the fuel cap on the vehicle.

 The Open Button For Your Fuel Cap

hand open button fuel cap
There is always a open button of fuel cap inside your car (photo source: Luther Brookdale Toyota @ Youtube)

It is always helpful to know how to open your fuel cap. You will find it useful when the gas station is crowded and you are struggling for nearly 5 minutes just to find that button.

No Smoking When Pumping

no smoking gas station
Smoking is banned in all gas stations (photo source: Jauregui & Culver, Inc.)

There are good reasons why smoking or lighting cigarettes are banned in ALL fuel stations in the world.

Gasoline is easy to evaporate and ignite, so a single spark from lighter or match at a gas station can cause explosion and set everything on fire.  According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), in the period from 2004 to 2008, outside fires accounted for 15% of incidents at service stations, and the most common heat source for outside fires was smoking materials (21%).

So do not risk your own life just for a few breath of smoke!


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No Cellphone 

Phones are banned in many gas stations

It is still a mystery whether cellphone is the reason for many explosions in gas station. However, it is safer to not using any contact equipment when filling your vehicles gas tank. Some states of America even restrict using cellphone at filling station.

Grab The Fuel Nozzle 

Insert the fuel nozzle to fill the tank

Always remember to check for the suitable energy, then take the fuel nozzle and you are now ready to fill your tank.

Insert the fuel nozzle into the fuel filler and rest the handle there. Once you depress the handle, there will be a small metal hook that can be used to lock the handle in the open position.

Squeeze the fuel handle and now all you need to do is waiting for your tank to be filled fully. Do not try to overfill the tank when it is full since it will reduce the atmosphere inside fuel tank, which is unsafely.

Never Hit Fuel Nozzle To Fuel Tank Before Taking Out

Burn up car gas station
Electrostatic can be dangerous (photo source: Public Lab Org)

Hitting the fuel nozzle to fuel tank to obtain more fuel is a common mistakes by some drivers. This action can cause electrostatic in return of a few more drops of gasoline. Instead, it is wiser to take out the fuel nozzle with its head high so the leftover fuel will not fall out.

Return The Nozzle To Its Holder

Hand holding fuel nozzle
Return fuel nozzle to its position (photo source: minervastock)

Car owners should notice if there is a lever on the fuel nozzle or not. If you have to flip it up to begin pumping, be sure to flip it back down and return the nozzle to its position.

Close Your Fuel Cap

Both inside and outside cap are required to close

It is essential to shut both inside and outside fuel cap. Depend on your types of cars, you will either close it until a “click” noise appears or tighten it down until it clicks 3 times to seal the tank completely.

For safety, take a peak at the check engine light on your vehicle to see if the fuel cap is closed properly.