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5 Common Road Hazards and How to Avoid Them

We are claiming it; avoiding road hazards is possible. Good drivers are always up for any contingencies. No matter even if the road is empty, you never know how the problem is going to show up on the streets. The best is to train yourself to be alert while driving and avoid crazy road hazards, which is the prerequisite. Of course, the road has always been a place for perils, but that happens if you are not trained to avoid it.

Crazy Road Hazards that can be Avoided, Certainly

Hence, today we are going to learn some driving tips that might help you in avoiding those insane road risks.

Unexpected Tire Blowout

The road hazard, where tire bursts due to a loss of air pressure, need to be handled astutely. The tire expands beyond its elastic limit and overheats to the point where the material (rubber) loses its connection with internal fabric and steel cord. Working like a pro, you should control the vehicle first and get it to the roadside. Driving the car to the roadside is a must to assess the situation, and then fix it. Replace the weak tires on time, as that are the biggest victims of a blowout.

Road Hazards
When tire blowout happens on the road, drive your vehicle to the roadside. Source: iStock

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Another Vehicle Slams into Yours

Either of you could be driving in the wrong direction here. So, to avoid such hazards on the roads, you must drive defensively while being fully alert when on the streets. Avoid eating or drinking anything. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and another. In case you are sleep-deprived, it is better not to drive. The need is to stay alert and active while driving to avoid almost all road hazards.

Fog Blocks Your View

This road danger is bound to happen when the thick fog blocks the vision completely. Since the traffic lights are not visible, such menace is bound to happen. The best way to avoid it is to avoid driving in such conditions. In case you have to drive because of some urgency, keep the speed to the slowest. It is a bad idea to switch lanes when fog clouds your view. Avoid stopping on the busiest roads to dodge the chances of being hit.

Passing by Road Construction Zones

So, you can face danger on the roads when passing by constructive road zones. It can be a deadly risk for any driver to pass by this area, if not driven properly. So, when you come across a road construction zone, it is better to slow down your vehicle and drive cautiously. In case you are required to change the lane, do it slowly and avoid speeding up. Since this area could be deadly for workers, pedestrians, and motorists, it is better to be extra cautious while driving there.


Driving here can be highly risky. The necessity is to maintain a steady grip on the steering wheel. Speed down the vehicle and drive slowly around the potholes for a safe drive. Hence, potholes’ hazards can be avoided when you have control over your vehicle and keep its speed to the minimum.

Road Hazards
Driving through potholes can be highly risky. Source: iStock

What Have We Learnt?

We learned that road hazards could be avoided in different situations if the driver is alert and understands how the vehicle needs to be controlled in such circumstances. So, drivers, keep these tips in mind while driving on the road to avoid any danger.

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