How Do I Prevent My Car From Slipping Back On A Slope?

If there is one thing, which is right and applies to the skill of actual driving, it is being prepared for anything. The driving on a straight road is easy, but the real driving skills are shown when one is parked or driving on a steep slope. A person can learn driving skills on a straight road, but it is equally important for one to learn to handle the vehicle on a steep surface. One needs to be aware of preventing their car from slipping back a slope.

How Can I Prevent My Manual Car From Slipping Back On A Slope?

Always remember that when your car is on a slope, the gravity would work against during driving and stopping. There are different methods for manual as well as automatic transmission to prevent rolling, as these two vehicles operate differently. We recommend that you read the guidelines below to restrict your manual car from slipping back on a slope.

1. A Complete Stop

When your car is on a slope, you would need to stop the vehicle using the brakes or handbrakes to prevent your car from slipping back from a hill. It is applicable whether you are facing up the mountain or driving down the mountain. Some drivers prefer using handbrakes, as it frees up the right foot to use the gas pedal when they want to drive again.

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How to preventing car from slipping back

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2. Using The Hill Assist Function

Many manual transmission cars come with a hill assist function, which keeps their car from rolling backwards on a slope. It is useful when you want your car to come to a complete stop. In case, your vehicle has a hill-assist function; then it would work automatically. The hill start sensor would automatically detect when the car is on an inclined surface, and maintain the necessary pressure on the brake for a specific time. The hill assist provides you time for setting the foot from the brakes to the gas pedal.

3. Lift The Clutch

It is at this moment that you will feel the front of the car lifting slightly, as the clutch is taking on the weight of the vehicle. We recommend that you do this step carefully.

4. Shifting The Gears

When the time comes for you to move the car, we suggest that you turn into first gear and keep your foot on the accelerator pedal. However, do not release the handbrake, and continue pressing on the accelerator until the engine is spinning to 3000 RPM. It is the best driving tips to drive your vehicle up a slope.

5. Hold The Brake Pedal If No Handbrake

In case, the vehicle handbrake does not work, then use the heel of the right foot to hold down the brake pedal while using your toes on the accelerator. You would need to release the brake pedal instead of the handbrake, as you are releasing the clutch. If the handbrake is not working, then we recommend you get the car repaired immediately.

If you use the transmission to hold the car in place, it will lead to wear and tear and might damage the engine.

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Summing Up

Thus, when you are looking forward to preventing your car from slipping back from a slope, make sure you follow these guidelines.