Top 10 Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do

Be honest, there are many good people out there driving on the street. They are generous, nice to travel with, not to mention the good attitude that everyone likes and loves. However, the number of jerks is also plenty. So what things do those drivers do that annoy you most? In this article, we gather the top 10 most annoying things other drivers do. 

Driving Way Too Fast

This is by far the most common way to become a jerk driver. It is true that a speed limit is 65 mph and if you are not surpassing this, you are not breaking the law. However, it is not always the right speed. The danger of driving is still there, not to mention other factors affecting the ability of car braking, handling and limiting visibility. To be more specific, they are rain, snow and ice. For that reason, it is better to stay below 40 mph in order to be in control as well as feeling safe. Car owners can react in time to any sudden incidents that happen. 

Many might argue :” These are their lives, they can do what they want”. However, drivers with 65 mph are not only risking their own lives, they might affect your own life too. When they hit you, at the very least, you will only be heavily injured. At worst, you will not be able to read this article. And what will they cover for your loss after losing control of the car and knocking you off the road? Just money and a simple sorry. So if you see someone driving like a jerk in bad weather, try your best to avoid them. And if you are passing all drivers in that weather condition, you might be that jerk.   

Using a Cell Phone

Without a doubt, using a cell phone while driving is one of the most annoying things a driver could do.  It is a fact that using cell phones while driving has the same potential of causing an accident when you are drunk. Even without causing an accident, distracted car owners weave from lane to lane, causing confusion for other drivers. Not to mention, they drive slower than normal, which could create road rages for others. And all of these happen due to multitasking.  So if you are still wondering what is wrong with using a cell phone, let me ask you this question: Will you risk your own life just to pick up a phone? If you are a busy man, just install bluetooth to answer the phones without having to use your hand. Or else, pull over to answer it.  

drink on car
Using cellphone while driving is as dangerous as driving alcohol (Photo Source: Pexels)

Too Lazy To Clean off The Snow on Their Cars

Ok, this is not common in many countries, yet it happens. It is really annoying when you are driving and the whole chunks of snow slap on your rear window. And that is from the other cars. This is the result of leaving the snow on the car for the whole day without cleaning off. In many states of America, it is illegal and you might be fined for that. And in the whole country, even with the world, it is thoughtless and highly dangerous. You might even block the vision of others which cause incidents. So just be a good driver and clean the snow off your vehicle before driving.  Not only will you have a better vision, you will also avoid launching an sudden attack on the cars behind.

No Signal On

Either leaving a signal on forever or changing lanes with no signal is the behaviour of a jerk. It is not rocket science to signal your intentions while changing or turning lanes. In fact, it is one of the most basic acts of courtesy. Of course, it is the worst when you cannot predict the intention of other drivers. And we cannot make decisions about what we should do in that situation. Nevertheless, besides being dangerous, the act of not signaling is also downright obnoxious. In other words, it is the act of saying “Your safety doesn’t matter, and I’m more important than everything”. So if you don’t want to be hated by every driver on the road, use your turn signals effectively. 

Broken Equipment

Another sign of an annoying driver is the faulty equipment. Seriously, you must not delay the car’s repair in order to save money, since the consequences will come back right at you. To be more specific, you will be risking your own safety, your life and everyone around you. It is really annoying when you see cars with terrible shocks, bald tires, bad turn signals or faulty headlight. Even a vehicle with poor wiper blades can tell a lot. Not to mention, avoiding all the repairs isn’t just dangerous — it might cost car owners much more money in the end. Driving a vehicle that’s burning oil to beat the band is also terrible. Even though it is a bit less dangerous, your car will let out a smelly, blue thick cloud of smoke. And without a doubt, it is the worst feeling for other drivers. So always keep up with the maintenance schedule.  

Leaving High Beams On

Driving at night has many risks due to the limited visibility that we have. To make it simple, the less vision we have, the lack of control we claim. And it is yet the worst thing you might encounter. Imagine when you are focusing on driving and someone cruises past you with the high beams on. Not only that driver is a terrible human being, he also affects your ability to drive safely. If you blind a driver with the high beams, there is a high chance that this individual will lose control and might crash into you. And another reason for not doing this behaviour is that other drivers can trigger a flashback. 

With whatever reason, a poorly aimed headlight is dangerous. If you are unsure about your own vehicle’s light, first make sure you turn on the headlights, then turn off the high beam. This is for your own safety so do not hesitate to spend this 5 minutes. Always keep in mind that high beams are a dangerous weapon, especially when you aim at oncoming traffic. If there is a situation that you must turn them on, remember when and always be prepared to turn them right off.

Staying in the Far Right Lane

Let’s be honest, we all want to go fast, and an empty road is the best place to ride fast. However, this is not always the case, and car owners must switch lanes regularly in order to move forward. However, a proper driver will pull back over to the right side after passing a slower-moving vehicle. Staying in the left lane forces everyone to go at exactly your speed. Or in the case when they want to pass you, they must move unsafely on the right. To be honest, it is more annoying than you thought. So our best advice is to use the passing lane when you want to pass. Car users need to keep an eye on the rear mirror as well. 

Taking Two Spaces in a Parking Spot

The title is already said enough. And without a doubt, this is one of the most annoying things that a driver can do. And in order to avoid being a total jerk, this is what you can do. Car users should take their time, carefully adjust the vehicle to fit inside just one space in a parking spot. A bit of patience can surely pay off. And in the case when you are unable to park in one spot, you can ask others to help or consider parking somewhere else. If you are trying to park and see a car taking two spaces, do not waste your time to leave a note. 

Picking Nose

Let’s make this clear first, it is perfectly fine to pick your nose. It is a habit. However, picking your nose when driving is a huge no. Not only are you risking your life but also annoy and trigger other drivers. So do not assume nobody is watching. This applies for all the driving time, especially at stoplights where people tend to look around.

Not acknowledging Making a Mistake or Overreacting to an Honest Mistake 

Everyone claims they are right on the street. That is the fact. However, everyone all makes errors, and drivers with good behaviour can let it go. In order to have a healthy driving journey, car owners should acknowledge when they make a mistake, as well as react the right way with an honest error. If you make a stupid mistake, do not pretend that you do not see that. It is the best way to acknowledge your error and say “Sorry”. And similarly, if the person is decent enough to raise hand and say “Sorry!” can’t you reply with, “That’s OK”? 

good driver
Try to be nice with other drivers (Photo Source: Pexels)

In the perfect world when more drivers apologize and forgive others mistakes, the roads will be a much better place.

Dangerous Loads Improperly Secured

Last but not least, we have the driver with dangerous loads improperly secured. If you are driving fast, let say around 75 mph, while carrying a bungee cord, it is safe to say that it is unsafe. With the law of physics, you are risking your life if there is any sudden impact. However, most annoying drivers like speed, and they lack patience as well. So if you are in the situation when you are behind their tails, slow down and stay away from them. You want to keep distance at all times in order to react with any problems incoming.