5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Auto accidents cause shock, anger, and other emotions that hamper rational thinking. This can lead to mistakes that later prevent the placement of guilt to the appropriate party or getting fair compensation. 

Below are a few mistakes to avoid after an accident, according to some of the top personal injury law firms in the United States:

1. Leaving the Accident Scene 

According to bbjlawyers.com, driving away from a crash scene before the arrival of the police and emergency personnel portrays guilt, even if you are not to blame. The people at the scene might claim you left to cover up for something like driving under the influence. You might even face criminal charges if the accident caused injuries. Do not leave an accident scene before filing an accident report.

2. Admitting Fault 

According to sevafirm.com, it seems polite to say “sorry” or other comforting words after an accident, but you should not rush to utter them. Other persons at the scene can take the words to mean you are admitting fault. Admitting fault makes it harder for you to receive fair compensation for injuries and losses. 

Accepting guilt may forestall an investigation that could reveal other factors contributing to the crash. For instance, you may feel at fault for hitting another car, but a complete investigation may show that the other driver is partially to blame for using a cell phone while driving. 

Provide the police an honest account of the happenings before the crash to the police but do not admit guilt. Let them investigate and make a factual judgment. An investigation also saves you from getting all the blame from the insurance companies.

Failing to Gather Evidence at the Scene
Accepting guilt may forestall an investigation that could reveal other factors contributing to the crash. (Photo: flickr.com)

3. Failing to Gather Evidence at the Scene 

According to capazlaw.com, evidence at an accident scene is critical for the subsequent case. Use your smartphone’s camera to capture details at the scene, including the following:

  • Sustained injuries 
  • Damage to the vehicles 
  • The area around the crash scene 
  • Other relevant details 

Insurance adjusters and investigators will take pictures of the damage to the vehicle, but your images of the scene are essential. Do not forget to request the eye witnesses’ names and contact information. Their evidence might be necessary for the future if there is a stalemate about the cause.

4. Delay or Refusal to Seek Medical Attention 

Medical attention within the shortest time possible after an auto accident is vital. You may have injuries that can worsen if you do not receive quick treatment. Do not take a chance even when you feel fine because accidents cause internal injuries that require quick treatment. 

A physician documents your injuries. The report helps you pursue compensation especially if the effects of an accident reduce your working potential.

5. Failing to Hire a Car Accident Attorney 

Insurance companies can sweet-talk you into accepting a quick settlement that is usually less than the amount required to put your life back together. Car accident lawyers do their best to get fair compensation. They help to file a compensation claim.

A lawyer has experience in estimating losses, handling technicalities, and negotiating compensation. You are more likely to get a fair amount for your losses through a lawyer than when pursuing the matter alone. 

Wrong steps might deny you justice and compensation after an accident. Avoid the mistakes above after an auto accident. 

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Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Having an attorney in a car accident case is very crucial for the case to be successful. Legal representation ensures that the attorney can represent you before a jury, judge, and insurance companies. Insurance companies have their legal representation, and therefore you must also have an attorney.

Car Accident Attorney 
A car accident attorney  will always protect the client’s interests whether your case is resolved through a settlement or in court (Photo: pinterest.com)

Knowledge of Regulations and Laws

A layperson may not understand the laws and regulations governing personal injury claims. All victims of a motor vehicle accident should understand how the laws work. This will help them know if an insurance carrier acts in good faith. Legal jargon is not understood by all victims, making it essential to consult an experienced attorney who will help explain their legal options to the client so they can make informed decisions. This will ensure the victims’ legal rights are protected. 

Determining Fault

When you hire an attorney, part of their work is investigation. An attorney can help investigate the accident to determine who is at fault and gather further evidence. Attorneys help you understand the fault rules in your jurisdiction and determine if your fault in the accident will still allow you to collect compensation for your damages.

Calculate Damages

When it comes to calculating compensation, many factors come into play. One should consider the current and future medical costs associated with your injuries, the pain and suffering one went through, and the number of wages one has lost due to the days one is not working due to the accident. Attorneys will consider all these factors when calculating compensation. 

Improved Odds of Success

The insurance providers know that the persons that an attorney does not represent are not familiar with the claim process and will try to obtain the lowest settlement possible. An attorney will ensure that everything you deserve in the settlement will be catered for.

Fights for You

An attorney is a legal ally who is ready to fight for you with zeal. The attorney will always protect the client’s interests whether your case is resolved through a settlement or in court.

Potentially Faster Resolution

A car accident attorney has the necessary experience because they’ve dealt with similar cases previously. They can thus side-step any setbacks that may come along and help you get compensated as fast as possible. 

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Peace of Mind

Car accidents have horrific experiences that may lead to stress and emotional trauma. Following up on the claims can be another stressful process. Having a car accident attorney in such cases will be very important to help you handle the complications of a claim. This will give you the peace of mind to help you heal and focus on getting better instead.

Car accidents happen every day in our lives. Unfortunately, not everyone might be as careful and attentive as you are when driving. Therefore it is always important to have a personal car accident attorney or to hire one when an accident happens.