10 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Whenever you are on the road, the chances of facing accidents are very high, primarily including vehicle collisions. These incidents do not occur without any appropriate reason. No matter how minor or major it is, there is always a factor contributing to its happening. Thus, one way you can avoid this unfortunate scenario is to eliminate its root cause.

Yes, there are several factors out there, from being a reckless driver to as simple as driving under the influence. It could be a significant thing or a minute thing, each action count. If you are looking for a more particular discussion about the reasons, you can refer to the list below.

Distraction And Inattention

The most probable reason why accidents happen is that drivers neglect to pay attention to what is in front of them. They become busy with other things, such as having random talking with their passengers, looking at their phones, checking for calls and messages from time to time, and more that makes use of multitasking.

Whenever you multitask, your brain stops focusing on the more important thing because of the division of your attention to multiple stuff. It means that in driving, all your five senses should work with the road only. However, this does not happen when you indulge yourself in other activities. Although it is not wrong to have fun inside the car, it pays to have your limitations or risk a car accident.


If you are a newbie or just got your license, you get the excitement of getting out to drive your car out in the open. No one should be invalidating your achievement in completing driving school. However, without proper experience on busy streets, you should not venture on your own. It will only be the reason for you to cause a mess on the road possibly. 

Fatigue And Unwell

One of the mistakes that drivers make is to force themselves to venture the long roads even though they are not feeling well. There could be hundreds of personal reasons why they choose to, but any of those become impartial when it results in harm and injuries. It is never safe, considering it is a potential life and death situation.

For instance, there are cases where the drivers suffer from a heart attack during the drive. Most of them did not dare to stop and contact the emergency health response team. Instead, they ignore what they feel, which is not a good thing to do. When you know you cannot handle the pain anymore, choose a place where you can park, assess your state and opt to call for help.

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Aggressive Driving

Sometimes, people view driving as a way to let out stress. Hence, when it becomes an outlet, many are overspeeding and driving recklessly. What happens here is people do not care about the traffic lights nor the enforcers anymore. They continuously run towards their destination without thinking of the rules and laws they are breaking, ending in grave accidents.

Driving Under The Influence

People who hold driver licenses today, especially young people, think that driving under the influence is not a big deal since many are fond of repeating it. However, at any angle, when you look at it, it is always wrong to risk your lives on the road just because you choose to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs that spike the chemicals in your body system.

When you think of this as a fun getaway from problems in your life, it is not. You will not only add more, but you will also involve innocent people whenever a vehicle accident occurs. Thus, instead of desiring to drive home after attending a party or social gathering, choose to stay at your location and sober up before proceeding to enter your vehicles.

Going For A Night Drive

This reason is rampant among commercial drivers, mainly the ones with night shift. Some people book an uber in the middle of the night. Others prefer to ride a bus from one city to another, even if it’s almost midnight. Although there are safety measures, the road’s lack of visibility, especially when there are no street lights, contributes to crashing and bumping.

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Automotive Defects

Suppose you forgot to have your car checked and attend to its regular maintenance, then you went for a drive, the defects in your vehicle could lead to road clashing and impacting other cars. Specifically, when your brakes suddenly stop working or you may be leaking gasoline unconsciously, you could find yourself in danger, according to experts.


When you are running late for work or school or an emergency that requires your presence, the most probable thing you can while you are on the road is to drive like there is no tomorrow. You feel like you are running out of time that you choose to ignore the speed limit. Yes, you will arrive at your destination at the exact timing, if you are lucky.

However, if you are not, you will become vulnerable to higher chances of unwanted collisions. You will cause harm to you and everyone that could be in the same lane as your vehicle. It is never a good thing to panic and rush since it will only increase your anxiousness. Ultimately, it becomes a reason for you to be reckless and forget to be extra careful of others.

Unfamiliarity With The Place

One of the principal reasons behind a road accident is when you are unfamiliar with the road you are traveling. You are not aware of the one-way streets, where the traffic lights are, which highways to avoid, and the proper parking areas around the place. When you know you are new, make sure to equip yourself with a map and a GPS to prevent this from occurring.

Flawed Judgement And Driving Error

Among the skills you should have as a licensed driver is to have the decision-making skills to make sound judgments. Accidents happen when you forget to practice what you learn. For instance, you forget how to read the signs, and you tend to ignore them. This instance makes you vulnerable to encountering accidents that eventually harm you.