Are Manual Drivers Better Than Automatic Drivers?

Driving a machine is certainly not easy. Be it a manual or automatic, you need to master the art of driving, which is indeed a tough job. You would agree that learning to drive a car is not a ‘one-night’ process. It takes months to understand the whole concept of driving a four-wheeler. But are manual drivers better than automatic drivers? People often discuss this by stating the pros and cons of driving a manual and automatic car. Well, getting to a conclusion in this is quite tricky though.

Manual Drivers Better Than Automatic Drivers – Yes or No

What makes a driver skilled is the understanding the car. While manual transmission offers finer control of grip, weight transfer and modification, automatic cars provide less control to the driver.

Does this make a manual driver better?

Here are some points that feature manual drivers better than automatic drivers.

1. Better Handling

A manual driver is more aware when to stop the vehicle on different occasions, and how to handle it. A manual driver has a better understanding of physics and braking/acceleration. Further, such a driver also knows how a driver may oversteer or understeer with the limit of adhesion. Usually, a manual is more careful to drive well.

2. Cautious Driving

Manual drivers better than automatic drivers on the road
Manual drivers better than automatic drivers due to cautious driving. Source: Internet

A good manual driver is cautious on the road. A road has everything from bumps, cambers and corners, according to which a driver choose a line. To driver perfectly, one needs to know how the weight of the vehicle will shift from front to rear. And, who else than a manual driver can do this? On the other hand, automatic drivers rarely need to be cautious throughout their journey.


3. Attentive and Aware

Unlike automatic drivers, a manual driver needs to stay very attentive and aware. A manual driver takes in all the relevant information in order to be prepared for driving in sensitive areas. This makes them mentally alert, which reduces the chances of negligence on the road.

Unlike automatic drivers, they cannot afford to remain calm and relax throughout the journey.

4. Good Learner

Different reasons for manual drivers better than automatic drivers
Manual drivers better than automatic drivers due to driving skills. Cre: lzflzf/123RF:

Driving their better is important for every manual driver, as they feel more connected to their car. To achieve the aim, they stay extremely focused and embrace driving tips for manual cars. You will see that most manual drivers are enthusiastic about driving rather than bored.

Such drivers focus on how to brake smoothly, detect the distance between the two cars, and improve turning the car. Good driving consists of concentration and awareness. And, you will find the perfect mix of both in manual drivers.

Most drivers are simply aware of the road rules, they have no knowledge about the technique to transfer car’s weight and drive smoothly. However, manual drivers are more aware of the required technique to drive a car. They practice more and ‘feel’ the machine to be able to drive perfectly. The above mentioned reasons attribute manual drivers better than automatic drivers.

Driving is an art mastered by a few people only.