Hill Driving Lessons For All Drivers

Be honest,  have you ever stuck on the hill for 5 minutes not knowing how to drive up there, while uncontrollably press the brake prevent from failing downhill? As car owners, we all understand hill driving is one of the most important technique, no matter where you live, urban or rural area. Yet not many people can actually manage to move their cars uphill, not to mention mastering this skill. For that reason, here are some basic hill driving lessons.

Hill Driving Lessons For Car Owners

Learning this technique will have its “up and down”. No seriously, in order to study hill driving lessons, you must learn both facing uphill and downhill. Here is how we do it:

When Facing Uphill

Hill driving lessons
Driving uphill is the hardest skill in hill driving lessons. Source: Land Rover 

This is the most basic start when you are practicing hill driving lessons, and it is also the hardest one. Remember to choose a not-too-steep spot to begin. Drivers should also check the back to avoid hitting objects in case of rolling back. When you find the right place to set your four-wheel vehicle, let us begin:

Firstly, you should start by pulling the handbrake up, just a little bit. Along with it, press the release button. Remember to hold the handbrake up in order for it to engaged. This will keep your car stable on the hills, prevent rollback.

Secondly, drivers can let the clutch out lightly, just do it bit by bit until you can feel it biting. Right after that, push it back to steady the vehicle. From this step on, you can begin by pushing down on the accelerator and gently release the handbrake. This is by far the most complicated step. If you push the accelerator too light or release the brake too quick, the car will not move, and even roll back. In this case, pull the handbrake again. Drivers can also use the foot pedals to control the car better.

Thirdly, when you can control your dear vehicle, you must check the mirrors, and signal carefully in order to avoid any sudden pedestrians or drivers.

Lastly, push down on the accelerator with a bit more force and let the clutch out slowly. After that, keep climbing the hill. You should drive a bit further until you can reach 2nd gear. Once you have achieved one hill, pull over and try again many times to hone your driving skills. Drivers can even challenge themselves at a steeper hill.

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When Facing Downhill

Hill driving lessons
Gravity is your greatest friend here. Source: TopSpeed

Comparing to face uphill, this is a bit easier, since gravity will be on your side this time. Yet it is still a complicated technique in hill driving lessons, so make sure you follow these steps:

Firstly, press down on the foot brake to keep the car on the hill. Drivers should also set the handbrake along to support, just in case your feet gets tired. Also remember, you should be in 1st gear in this step in order to move freely.

Secondly, slowly release the handbrake. After that, let the foot brake up just a bit at the same time with the clutch. If you feel the car needs to stall, don’t hesitate and press the accelerator a little.

Thirdly, this step is always for checking the mirrors and signal. This is the most important step in every hill driving lessons. We need to guarantee the safety first before moving.

Last but not least, drive your car. A driving tip here is that: Depend on the situation and the steepness of the hill, you might not even need to speed up as you pull away. Let the gravity work and you can move your vehicle in the safe speed with almost no effort.


In order to see how it is done, check out this video!