K&N Air Filter – Is It Worth Your Money?

The air filter, as its name works to filter the air that enters your car while driving. The air comes in through the AC or ventilation system having pollen, dust, and debris. The filter, as you can understand, keeps all these harmful things at bay and allows only the clean air to pass. Today, we are going to talk about if the K&N air filter is worth to buy.

K&N Air Filter: Getting To Know More About The Air Filters

Air filters are a necessary part in old models or automobiles. Keeping the purpose simple, they are used to filter the air, so you inhale only the clean air. Now, if talking about the worthiness of the k&N air filter, it is a valuable product if you own a late-term model. An air filter, as a result, keeps your respiratory system fresh by not letting any pollen enter.

Hence, overall, setting up an air filter in your car is worth it as what can be more important than your health. Now, we will be talking about a particular air filter that is K&N. Let’s get to know about this brand.

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1. K&N Air Filter Review

The first noticeable thing about the K&N air filter is the reusability. Several filters need replacement after a certain amount of period. K&N, on the other hand, let you reuse it, so you don’t feel the need to replace and get served for a longer period.

The product serves by not restricting the air and hence provides a fair amount of airflow even after collecting all the dust. The clogged filters restrict the airflow, and hence, you need to replace them as they do not allow reusability.

K&N air filter does not put you in the hassle of counting miles so you can replace the filter. Instead, you take the filter out, clean it, and re-oil it for the repetitive usage. The cycle goes on and on where you take out the filter once it has covered approx. 50,000 miles; you re-oil it and keep it back to the operation.

The filter comes with 10 years of guarantee for the reusability that does not get messy as other paper filters. The company provides you with a cleaning kit that costs you just $9 to $12 and that works perfectly fine for up to ten times. This way, with this k&N cabin air filter review, you can understand how this product keeps your back.

2. Benefits Of Using K&N Air Filter

The primary benefit is the recyclability that, of course, serves the environment. Normal paper filters can’t be recycled, and hence, they need to be replaced. With K&N, you do not throw anything but make use of the same filter repeatedly while taking help of the cleaning kit.

When you do not replace the air filter every 20,000 miles, you are going to save cost and actually a lot of it. So, the K&N air filter is almost once in a lifetime investment that keeps you relaxed from the replacement hassle. Those who get the filter installed by a professional may need to pay the additional fee. You can also go the DIY way and install the filter yourself; the way to save a few more bucks.

k&N air filter- what is it and why your car needs it?
K&N air filter is almost once in a lifetime investment (Photo Source: autoricambi)

Another important benefit is that the air filter assists the engine and the acceleration as well. The clean air that goes in the engine supports it for better torque and horsepower and maintains the overall efficiency.

Thus, installing a k&N air filter worth it as with all these benefits, it lets you enjoy driving for longer without having to look for the clogged filter. Those who majorly ignore or forget checking the air filter regularly are going to love the concept once installed.

3. What Else Should You Know About Using K&N Air Filter?

Despite all these good things, the k&N air filter comes with; it is not an exception to downsides. The initial purchase price remains way higher than average paper filters, and that is a factor many customers may recognize as a con.

However, the easy installation, less maintenance, better fuel economy, and engine life along with all the environmental advantages, it is a worthy product. So as long as, the cost is not an issue with you, you can opt for the product without thinking twice. Read out some more Maintenance Tips and experience an improved driving.

While looking for the installation yourself, you should check the glove box as usually filters are located behind the box. One should always have the manual handy and check it out for fastening the bolts there, if any. Sometimes, the filter location is under the dashboard so you can try with that too.

k&N air filter- all you need to know about its benefits
Sometimes, the filter location is under the dashboard (Photo Source: ramrebel)


So if you are doubtful about whether you should install the K&N air filter or not, don’t be, because it is totally worth it. Let’s have clean air for your engine, keep your respiratory system away from debris, and experience overall enhanced driving experience.