Honda Econ Button: How to Use it and When?

You might have had a glance at that green button in your Honda, right? Have you ever enabled it? People often have misconceptions about the Honda Econ button and how does it work. The main idea of having this button is to save gas by making specific changes in how the car functions.

Manufacturers chase for fully-efficient cars these days. It should be cost-saving, fuel-efficient, and whatnot. New functions are adding up to add to the efficiency of the vehicle.  The main reason why Honda has this button in their cars is that they wanted to decrease the consumption of fuel.

Honda Accord, Civic, Odyssey, and CR-V have this button and a few other Honda cars. Since it is a new function, you will probably find it in these specific cars, and not all Honda models.

In short, this button is better for the environment. It decreases fuel consumption, that is the best thing to have in any vehicle.

Honda Econ Button- How does it Affect When Enabled?

The button that has been incorporated by Honda in their vehicles has a particular role to play. Not only it makes the car efficient, but it also adds to the performance of the same. Quite a few components of the vehicle will be affected when this button is enabled. Here’s how the Econ Button will affect other car functions, once activated.

Beginning with the Air Conditioner

We use the air conditioner a lot, but hardly we think about how much energy it consumes. Everything that is in the Air conditioner, including the fan, air compressor, and every other part, need the power to run. This entire process to run efficiently, the engine needs to work hard and produce enough power. So, overall the motor works harder, leading to more fuel consumption, which is what we need to focus on. When we lower the effect of AC and its components- we can expect better functioning- and that’s how the Honda Econ button affects the entire operation of AC.

Honda Econ button
Engine needs to work hard to produce sufficient power. (Photo Source: justdials)


Cruise Control Function

People have cars with cruise control function. However, many of them probably don’t know how it functions. There is a lot that cruise control does. When cruise control needs to control the speed of motor vehicles automatically, it consumes fuel. The Honda Econ button ensures not to shift down as soon as it does to secure the consumption of fuel.

This is another function of enabling the Honda Econ button- it controls the fuel consumption while running the car in cruise control mode.

Injection Fuel

Who doesn’t want their car to perform well? One of the factors that we all look for is saving fuel. Speaking of the injection fuel, the engine control unit controls the consumption of fuel in the vehicle. There is something more that is required to make the vehicle function in different weather conditions and even different driving styles too. So, when you are using this Econ button, this small margin or the extra fuel that is needed to keep the vehicle going in different weather conditions is saved. Not just the fuel will be saved, but also the car will perform better. The engine control unit, then, reduce and inject less fuel into the engine. This is what saves fuel, and save your money too.

The Response of Throttle

Sometimes, the driver tends to use too much gas, even when not required. And cars these days come without the throttle cable. So, the engine controls it, for which it needs extra fuel. But, when you use the Honda Econ Button, it becomes easy to save fuel and yet run your vehicle efficiently.

That’s is the reason why the Econ button is just the right thing to make your vehicle fuel-efficient.

So, for cars that don’t have the throttle response, it is best to utilize its button to make the most of your vehicle.

Honda Econ button
Cars nowadays come without throttle cable. (Photo Source: drivingsuccess)

Gear Shifting

The automatic transmission is one of the best inventions by vehicle manufacturing industries. The best part is that. But, automatic transmission, enabling the Econ button, will affect its functioning. The button considers all parameters when shifting gears, including the engine RPM and the speed. With the help of this button, one can keep the level of RPM low, which will save your fuel, eventually. Overall, the performance of the vehicle is enhanced as you can more fuel now, thus contributing to the environment.

Times When Honda Econ Button Shouldn’t be Enabled

While the button plays a vital role in saving the engine’s work and fuel, it is sometimes recommended not to use this button, as that can negatively affect the car. Be sure to have some maintenance tips handy to save yourself from situations, when stuck.

Here are the cases where you should be careful about using the Honda Econ button.

While Entering Highways

Your vehicle needs to speed up when entering highways. Don’t use this button while you are doing so, as that will lower down the speed and might affect the performance of your vehicle too.

When Going on Steep Hills

While driving on the steep hills, the transmission is to downshift in the apt moments. You will also want the vehicle to perform outstandingly in such situations. But, if you are enabling the Econ button while going on the steep hills, it would be dangerous as it will end up utilising more fuel.

During Hotter Days

As we said earlier, this button will affect how the weather reacts outside; it is best not to use this button during those hotter days. It will change the AC, consume more fuel, and end up making the vehicle and the cabin hotter than the usual.

Honda Econ button
Never use Econ button during those hotter days. (Photo Source: autoblog)

What Have We Learnt?

We can sum up by saying that the Honda Econ button is one of the best inventions that help drivers in saving fuel and making vehicles perform better. But, then you should be aware of the places and situations where it should not be used. So, use it but with care for the best results!