The 8 Dangerous Songs to Avoid While Driving

Driving while listening to music surely soothes mood and helps with the monotony. Especially the truck drivers who drive as professionals all day and even the nights need something to lighten up their mood. Music comes as a great help to drivers. However, listening to music while driving has its downsides too if your playlist includes any of the dangerous driving songs. Driving influences driving behavior. Well, how music does it and what some of the most dangerous driving songs are we are going to describe here.

8 Most Dangerous Driving Songs and What to Try Instead

  1. Hey Mama – The Black Eyed Peas
  2. Dead on Arrival – Fall Out Boy
  3. Paper Planes – M.I.A
  4. Walkie Talkie Man – Steriogram
  5. Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses
  6. How You Remind Me – Nickelback
  7. Hit the Road, Jack – Ray Charles
  8. Get Rhythm – Johnny Cash

These are the eight most dangerous songs that heavily influence the driver toward rash driving, frequent acceleration, and overall leading to an accidental path.

Try These Instead:

Top 5 safest Driving Songs:

  1. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
  2. Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. God’s Plan – Drake
  4. Africa – Toto
  5. Location – Khalid

Just like there are most dangerous tracks out there, there are the safest ones too. These five songs are just for reference, you can find various playlists of songs on your Spotify that are safe while driving.

Dangerous driving songs
Music affects driving behavior on the road. Source: Motor1


How Music Influences Driving Behavior?

The mood is the primary factor that almost contributes to how we behave in person, in public, or while doing anything. Driving, for instance, can be influenced by our mood. When someone is in a bad mood, he can turn on the music while driving and feel a little better. In the same way, someone can also turn to music that includes loud beats, bass, and sound such as the metal music playlist of the dangerous driving songs.

It is a fact that the kind of music you listen to, you synchronize your heartbeat with it. When people listen to music that is loud and raging, they feel it altering their mood and this effect begins to show in the activity they do such as driving.

“In fact, an experiment happened in which four men and four women participated. Each was given 500 miles driving, 250 miles without music, and 250 miles with music. In the first part, the driving behavior of both men and women was normal. In the second part, they were given a hip-hop playlist, and aggressive acceleration and sudden braking were noticed. They started driving faster reacting to the heavy metal playlist.”

Dangerous driving songs
Upbeat music with fast tempo make driver aggressive. Source:

The Results of Experiment

This experiment showed how much listening to music can impact overall driving behavior. This experiment was also video recorded and presented to the London University psychologist Dr. Simon Moore. Later, he declared that music that includes upbeats, noisy, and a fast tempo can easily make people lose that sense, and they do anything to match up to their current environment with the music.

It was found that while listening to music, people concentrate more on the music than on driving. Heavy music creates a distraction, a lot of it, actually. Music affects mood heavily, regardless of the vehicle you are in. So, it is no just about the truck drivers, but normal people who commute daily in their cars also experienced altered mood as a response to the music they play.

Just like heavy music leads to rash driving, calm music does the opposite effect. As there are songs that add up fast tempo and upbeats, there are safe songs as well. these songs can be used the drivers to comprise safe driving in their day to day lives. Also, light music that had the opposite ingredients of loud music also helps the drivers to concentrate more on the present.

Types of Music and Their Impact On Driving

Drivers who listen to the “drum n bass” kind of music engage in aggressive driving behavior.

Music that includes the jazz effect or is mainly jazz makes the driver speed up the vehicle.

Reggae listeners end up concentrating more on the music than on the driving.

Music that includes complex lyrics again negatively impacts the driver as he may focus on understanding the lyrics.

Hard rock music may lead the driver to crash-like conditions more often. Let’s have these Maintenance Tips and see how you can improve overall driving behavior.

Those who listen to hip-hop while driving become more aggressive and drive irresponsibly.

Classical listeners, however, are the safest ones since the music is calm and slow and only soothes the mood.

Dangerous driving songs
Hip-hop songs make female drivers to rash driving. Source:


So if you are worried about rash driving or any such behavior, always recognize the dangerous driving songs. Instead indulge in safe driving by bringing calming music to your music player.