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All About Half Clutch Driving You Ever Wanted To Know

Driving is an art that embraces a set of skills that make you a fantastic driver. There is always a lot more to learn no matter how good you are at driving. Talking specifically about the half clutch driving, this is a safety technique suitable to be applied on hilly terrains. If you are planning for a drive up the hills, knowing more on this could come handy.

Must-Know Facts About Half Clutch Driving

Have you ever noticed that when you restart the car on an inclined plane, it starts to roll backward? It is a quite risky situation, isn’t it? What comes as a relief in this situation is the half clutch technique. Read on, to know more on this unique yet safer driving mastery.

1. What Is Half Clutch Driving?

The chances of rolling back or stalling on hilly roads are greater when restarting the engine. If you release the clutch fully as you do it usually, the engine is likely to stall. This happens due to the greater force of gravity on the car than the force that engines infuse into the wheels.

The half clutch driving comes into play just then and is all about engaging the clutch and brakes at the same time. One needs to make sure that there is adequate power provided to the car so that it can move in the right direction. That is why; half clutch driving is one driving technique you need to get expert with.

Shocking revelation of half clutch driving
Story Behind half clutch driving (Photo Source: dr-oto)

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2. The Process

The process involves getting in the first or the reverse gear with both feet on the clutch and the brakes simultaneously. When ready to make a move, you need to release the clutch slowly while the brakes are fully engaged. There would come a point when the engine starts to vibrate, commonly called as the “biting point.”

You need to stop releasing the clutch once you hear that vibrating sound. Now, release the foot from the brakes while your other foot is still on the half released clutch. Press the accelerator slowly and once the car starts to move, release the clutch too. Voila! The car moves the in either direction you want it to when you apply the right driving tips.

3. Consequences Of Half Clutch Driving

Using the half clutch technique is the best option available when driving on hilly roads vulnerable to traffic. One should not use this technique frequently though. The impact that half clutch driving has on the clutch plate is a matter of concern. The clutch plates are likely to worn out that calls for its replacement.

Other issues that your car is liable to encounter include the lag in the car’s engine. It should be your priority to avoid this practice whenever you can. This is because the cost of clutch plate replacements may cost you a fortune.

Understand half clutch driving
Secrets you want to know about half clutch driving (Photo Source: topyaps)

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know what half clutch driving is, you would surely maneuver through the hilly roads like a pro. Always keep in mind that the clutch is essential to modify gears. Use the half clutch technique wisely and only when required. Happy Driving!

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