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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Lend a Friend Your Car

What should you do if a friend asks to borrow your car? It’s hard to say no sometimes, especially if that person needs to attend an important meeting or he is the man you’ve grown up with since your childhood. However, lend a friend your car may lead to something risky.

5 Reasons You Should Not Lend a Friend Your Car

Sometimes, you have to learn to say ‘no’ because no matter how innocuous it sounds, such as just a trip to a grocery store or a ride to his dentist, it may land you in deep water. Check out some reasons why you should never lend your car to someone.

The Insurance

When you lend a friend your car, you also give them the insurance that goes with it. The financial risk can be severe if that person leads the vehicle to an accident. The company is unlikely to respond to a claim in that case, and it will affect the insurance premium and drive it up despite the mishap not being your fault. So, you’ll be the only one to be responsible for damages and financial liabilities sustained in that casualty.

borrow your car
The insurance premium can go up for your friend’s mistake. (photo source: monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images)

Your Driving Reputation

When someone borrows your car, she/he takes your good driving record on loan too. A parking ticket, fender-bender, or a big collision can taint your squeaky clean driving status. Breaking speeding limit won’t go on your record. However, be prepared for the penalty if your friend enrolls your vehicle into a street racing.

The Liability of the Owner

If there’s an accident involving your vehicle, you will be held responsible have you had given the driver your consent to drive it. So what happens when you lend a friend your car to grab beers from the store, and he runs over someone on the way? Unless your vehicle has been stolen or robbed of, you will be held liable as the absent owner!


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The Legal Hassle

It might be an extreme case but bad luck can happen. You can land yourself in jail for a crime you have not committed! How do you prove you are not a complicit to a crime that your friends have committed while driving your vehicle? Be ready to face the legal actions if your car is found at a crime scene.

never lend your car to someone
You’ll have to face legal hassle for the accident you haven’t committed. (photo source: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

The Risk of Losing the Car

You certainly should never lend your car to someone if it’s an expensive Porsche 911 or a prized possession like a classic Jaguar. Your friend might not be a good driver and he possibly doesn’t have any experience of driving such a sophisticated car. Sometimes, he just does not care how passionate you are about your automobiles.

The Wrap-up

Well, the discussion above does not mean that you should never lend a friend your car in any situation. You just have to be careful and think about the possible repercussions before making a decision.

  1. mathew kamili says

    Thank u si much for this information
    I am helped especially because am a first time driver

  2. reader says

    Thank you this is a great article. I personally never like the idea of lending my car or driving someone else’s car. These “what ifs” aren’t worth the risk. “A lot of people do it ” is never a good reason to me.

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