8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dash Cam

Car features are plenty and we all know that. In the world of automotive, car features are the aspects that all car owners want to inspect. And in the list of car features, we have the dash cam. No one likes the idea of being completely blind when you are driving, so this is why the dash cam is needed. To be more precise, this device can help you not only have total visibility on the road, but also more than that. So what is a dash cam and why should we have it? Let’s find out.

The Definition of Dash Cam

In the world of car features, dash cam is one of the most famous features. So what is this device and what can it do? 

A dashcam, or dashboard camera, is an advanced ELD (also known as Electronic Logging Device). In short, it is a camera that is stuck on the dashboard of your car. The basic function of this dash cam is to record everything. This device can record the view of your vehicle’s front through the windshield. The dashcam can even record the rear view of your automobile depending on which brands your car is. 

In other words, this cam is a silent witness in the case of accidents. And to serve that purpose, the dash cam is created to accurately and carefully record every single detail that happened on the road. 

8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dash Cam

Now that we understand what a dash cam is, it is time to answer the next question: Why do we need a dash cam? In fact, many drivers said they do not need a dash cam since it does not contribute anything to their driving experience. However, is it true? 

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Why do we need a dash cam? (Photo source: Pexels)

According to the FMCSA( Also known as the  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), drivers must have a dash cam in their vehicles at all times. However, apart from the obvious road safety rules, there are various reasons to install one inside the car. To go even further, we will guide you through the significance of having a dashcam to make you change your mind.

First Hand Evidence of a Crash

Have you ever got in an accident and the other person is blaming you instead of taking the fault? Yeah we got that a lot. In some serious cases, the other parties will even bring a lawsuit against you. Suppose that you did not cause the accident, how can you manage to get out of it as well as prove your innocence against him? The answer is obviously the dashcam. 

The first and most crucial benefit of the dashcam is that you will have first hand evidence of an accident. The picture is worth a thousand words, and you now have the video as evidence. The video can save you in litigation, and force the negligent party to be responsible for the accident. This means you can save thousands of dollars in a lawsuit. In some cases, the video from the dashcam can even make the other parties give up the lawsuit and take responsibility for the damage of your cars. And thanks to this benefit, dashcams nowadays have advanced features that can help you access exact times and times. You cannot lie with the dashcam.

Dashcams Help to Manage Reckless Drivers

The next advantage of having dashcams is that it helps you to manage reckless car owners. Did you ever have a family member or friend who borrowed your car and damaged it? We bet you did. Sometimes, the state of the vehicle is very different compared to the moment you let them borrow it. However, that problem will be gone with the help of the dashcam in the car. The presence of this device can help you control reckless car owners. Not every driver likes to follow the rules of the road, but if they are being recorded, the pressure will make them a good citizen. 

For that reason, if you need assistance in driver management as well as better fleet protection, the dashcam is the answer.

A Dashcam can Help You Evade Wrongfully Issued Tickets

The second reason why you should have a dashcam is that you can prove your innocence when you have been wrongly accused. However, this is not just for other drivers, it is also for the police officers. If the police accused you and gave you a ticket without proper reason, you can disprove liability by showing the video footage from the dashcam. It can save you evading a wrongfully issued ticket if they take you to traffic court to contest. In many cases when we see the police, we cannot speak or make clear our intentions. And that’s fine since we have a dashcam. It makes it much easier for you to save yourself. And in the time when another driver is driving recklessly and leaves you no choice but to make an abrupt decision, a dashcam can be a good saver. 

It Can Help Prevent Car Break-Ins and Vandalism

If you need a person to protect your vehicle from vandalism and break in, the dashcam is the perfect answer. With advanced dashcam, 4K UHD dash cam as an example, you can be sure that it can serve as a deterrent to thieves, as well as stopping them from breaking in. To be more specific, this dashcam automatically records and uploads footage to the cloud of your phone. So even in the case that your car is broken into, it is possible for car owners to collect the evidence to show to the police as well as the insurance company when you file a report.  


A Dashcam Can Help Make You a Better Driver

Making you a better driver is one of the most important reasons why you should have a dash cam. We all know that in order to be a good driver, you need to review videos of ourselves to fix errors and perfect the techniques. That’s the learning method of many experts, and you can apply the same lesson to your driving. From the way you operate the car to the turning, parking technique, car owners can find them from the video footage recorded by your dash cam. 

Not only is it a perfect camera man, the dash cam can also help you determine the time it takes for you to change lanes or parallel park. 

Good dashcam is essential for your journey (Photo source: Pexels)

Capture Unexpected Event

No one can expect what you might see or encounter on the road, and that is why you need the dash cam for that. One of the most significant features of the dash cam nowadays is the intuitive recording. With this, the dash cam can capture motion at a very distance. That means they can record farther you can even see. With a normal dash cam, car owners can drive away from dangerous situations. It also helps you to avoid oncoming crashes. And when you do get into an accident, you will know exactly the causes. Thanks for this feature, car owners can check and find what caused the accidents after reviewing the footage. It could be a road hazard, a pedestrian or a deer. Whatever happens, the dash cam will record them all.  

A Solution for Worried Parents

The reason why the dash cam is amazingly famous is that it is a helpful solution for parents. Your kids are now reaching the teenage age, and they want to drive cars. It is an uneasy feeling when parents see their kids getting behind the wheel. And to remove that feeling, you need a dashcam. By checking the dash cam footage at least once a week, parents can check their performances and help them to be a better, responsible driver. 

Replay Road Trips on a Dashcam

Last but certainly not least, we can replay road trips on a dashcam. With the COVID and lock-down restrictions nowadays, it is itchy for various drivers to stay home and cannot drive anywhere. And it is a good idea to install a dash cam for this reason. So instead of replaying the memories of all the good traveling time in your mind, you can actually watch the footage. Not to mention, you can even share the footage with your family and friends, as well as replay the favorite moments in the past.

In Conclusion

Every car owner should have a dash cam inside their vehicles. In the streets, we encounter various reckless drivers every day, and it is best to have a contingency plan before riding on the road. If it is hard to protect your vehicle, car owners can use dashcam as the tool to collect evidence for the insurance company in case the car is vandalized or stolen. 

The dash cam market has many to offer, from dual-facing dash cam to front-facing dash cam. Car owners  can find the most suitable one for you through online or local stores.