What Is Honda Sensing? Brief Reviews of the Features

What is Honda Sensing? It’s a collection of features that further strengthen the safety system of Honda vehicles. The automaker describes it as a driving assistance system that makes the drivers aware of things that they might fail to notice while driving.

Honda has developed these technologies with the ambition of building a “collision-free” future in mind. The features will not only ensure the safety of the people driving but also other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Which Honda Models Have Honda Sensing?

With a few exceptions, most new Honda models come with this advanced Honda Sensing system.

The Sensing has been factory built in all 2020 models, except for the base trip version of HR-V, Odyssey, and Fit.
For 2021, all HR-V trims, except for the LX trim, will have the Sensing. The new refreshed Odyssey will also have it.

However, no new Fit hatchback will hit the market as Honda has discontinued it from the U.S. lineup.

What Is Honda Sensing? A Review of the Features

Honda Sensing includes a bunch of practical and useful features to improve road safety. Read this Honda Sensing review to have a better idea about its features:

honda sensing review
The system has cameras all over to ensure road safety. (Credit: AutoGuide)

a. Collision Mitigation Braking System

It not only warns the driver about obstructions in front but also takes prompt action to avoid a collision in times of emergency. The system uses cameras and radar to detect possible danger and has control of the engine speed, so it can step in quickly whenever needed.

The single system consists of an emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and forward collision system. All these features work together to create a foolproof safety system.

b. Lane Departure Warning

This system also includes a couple of features to minimize the collision caused by lane departure. It uses audiovisual signals to warn the driver when the car drifts over the lane marking.

If the driver doesn’t take any action to correct this, the Road Departure Mitigation System steps in to prevent the drifting. This feature also engages when your car is on the verge of leaving the paved road surface.

c. Adaptive Cruise Control

As the name suggests, this feature controls your vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicle in front. It applies brakes and acceleration depending on the traffic ahead.

In the latest models, this feature can apply the stop-and-go before low-speed to maintain safety in heavy traffic situations.

d. Traffic Sign Recognition

Some latest Honda models have this technology that can read the traffic signs. It uses a camera to process the stop signs and speed limit information. The driver can see that information on the head-up display. Some models, such as the 2021 Odyssey, have a pedestrian braking feature integrated into the system.

More Driver-Assistive Technology in Sensing

What is Honda Sensing? You already know the answer, don’t you? If you are impressed with these features, you will definitely like the additional Sensing technologies that you can choose for extra money.

Remember that these features are included in the upgraded package of some select models.

1. Blindspot Warning

This separate upgrade feature alerts the driver about blindspots to avoid any unexpected accident. Previously, Honda had a camera-based LaneWatch system that used to cover the blindspots on only the right side. However, this system has been improved in the latest models.

Currently, the blindspot warning runs on a radar-based system. It also makes use of the rear cross-traffic warning system to make sure that the driver has visual access to all hard-to-see spots.

2. Blindspot Information System

Through this feature, a Honda car can detect other vehicles in the adjacent lane. Until the lane is clear, there will be a beeping sound and a blinking indicator. To use this feature, you have to keep the turn signal on.


3. Honda LaneWatch

The LaneWatch feature expands the visual on the passenger side mirror. There is a camera on the passenger-side mirror that turns on when you signal right. You will get the live feed on the Display Audio Touch-Screen.

4. Auto High-Beam Headlights

When the system is on, you don’t have to worry about switching between high and low beams. It will automatically adjust the headlight intensity based on the outside condition.

5. Cross Traffic Monitor

With the Cross Traffic Monitor, you will get a warning about the approaching of any vehicle when moving your car in reverse. It catches your attention with a series of blinking indicators and beeping sounds.


What is Honda Sensing? Hope you’ve got a clear-cut and detailed answer to your questions. If you are thinking of purchasing a Honda, a model with the Sensing technology could be a good option. You can drive a bit more relaxed knowing that a bunch of driver-assisting features is going to look after you on the road and help you be a better driver.