Weirdest Special Edition Cars Ever Made – The List

The car manufacturers have tried their level best in advancing the car features and technologies. The blend of extraordinary minds with highly enhanced machinery has always surpassed our expectations. But, sometimes things don’t go the way as planned. The greatest example of this dilemma is the weirdest special edition cars ever made. The manufacturers love to create special editions of well-known cars for better convenience. At times, the imagination of these professionals goes a little off-track making weirdest of automobiles.

Let’s prepare the list of these weirdest special edition cars ever manufactured

Weirdest Special Edition Cars Ever Made – The List

Some of the tycoon car manufacturing companies create uncanny designs or tie up with other infamous brands to boost their sales. From paint colors and clothing designs to camouflage pattern, the automotive industry has seen it all. Some highly recognized car brands affiliate with other clothing brand or any infamous personality to produce the weirdest of special edition cars.

Let us go through the complete list of these strange cars

1. Range Rover Evoque & Victoria Beckham

The Range Rover Evoque was one of the people’s favorite cars of all time. The price of this special edition got extremely high after the name of Victoria Beckham appeared. Top-quality of leather with baseball stitching is there in this strange car. These reasons made it one of the weirdest special edition cars ever made.

Advantages of weirdest special edition cars
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2. Rolls-Royce Wraith

Rolls-Royce is a big name in the automotive industry & it is people’s favorite for years. The luminary collection was somehow not that much adored all around. This particular car has 176 LED bulbs that make the dashboard even more astonishing. Alternatively, people still count it as one of the weirdest special edition cars.

3. Ford Thunderbird FILA

Ford has also engraved its name over the strangest of cars list. The Ford Thunderbird affiliated with sports brand FILA to create a strange strategy for enhancing the sales. Things go never the same as planned and the plan was out of the picture in no time.

4. AMC Gremlin & Levi’s

There was a great trend of AMCs in the 1970s. People loved the AMC Gremlin over other automobiles. The denim style AMC Gremlin was out in the market to make a huge impact on other brands. This car had the denim style interior with copper buttons just as Levi’s denim jeans. This unusual combination made this car a huge space in weirdest special edition cars list.

5. Aston Martin GT Bond Edition

One of the well-known car brand Aston Martin is also there in the list. The Aston Martin GT Bond Edition is the vital reason behind it. The car manufacturers offered a James Bond edition Omega Watch to all the customers opting for this car. Only 150 Aston Martin GT Bond Edition cars were brought to life. Getting car review from the professionals may assist in choosing the right vehicle.

Shocking revelation of weirdest special edition cars
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End Note

All in all, these were some of the top weirdest special edition cars ever created. Hope this list assists you in finding the right car.