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Toyota Vista Ardeo Features, Specifications & Review

With curb weight of 3042 lbs the Toyota vista Ardeo has an obviously-sounded In-line 4 cylinder locomotive. Petrol motor, through the engine code 3S-FSE (D4).

This engine yields an extreme power of 145 PS  at 6000 rpm in addition to an extreme torque of 196.0 Nm at 6000 rpm. The power is conveyed to the road through the front wheel drive (FWD) by a 4 speed Auto gearbox.

Around chassis particular accountable for road land, handling behavior and ride comfort. Vista Stock tire dimensions are 195 / 65 upon 15-inch rim at the façade, and 195 / 65 upon 15 inch rim at the back.

For stop power, the Toyota vista Ardeo braking scheme comprises at the front as well as at the back.

The Vista model is an Estate car factory-made through Toyota, by 5 doors as well as – seats, sold novel from year 1998.

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Toyota Vista Ardeo Specifications

Toyota Vista Ardeo 200 2002 MY have a 5 door land/station wagon kind body with a front located engine powering the front wheel.

The 4 cylinder, dual overhead camshaft naturally voiced engine has 4 valve per cylinder in addition to a movement of 2 litres. It assemblages power plus torque figure of 150 bhp at 6000 rpm in addition to 196 Nm at 4000 rpm correspondingly.

A 4 speed automatic gear box transmissions the power to the driven wheel. It’s specified kerb weight is 1340 kg.

The Vista Ardeo 200 4WD is an all-wheel drive state/station wagon motorized car with a front located engine, shaped by Toyota.

Power is provided through a double overhead camshaft, 2 liter naturally pronounced 4 cylinder power plant. Through 4 valves per cylinder that improves power and torque figure of 133 bhp at 6000 rpm as well as 181 N·m at 4400 rpm correspondingly.

The engine conveys power to the wheel by means of a 4 speed automatic set of gears.The cited kerb weight is 1450 kg.

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Toyota Vista Ardeo Modification

The Toyota vista ardeo is a 4 door hardtop from Toyota, alike to the well-known Toyota Camry. Actually the Vista is additional name specified to the Japanese Camry through minor modification. It is essentially a hardtop form of the Camry sedan. The carriage was first hurled in 1982. Afterward 1998, the Vista was reshaped autonomous of the Camry, therefore making it discrete from the Camry.

The 1998 Vista was not merely accessible as hardtop however also a sedan, in addition to a station wagon going through the term Ardeo. The wagon is FWD with a double-wishbone suspension in addition to a McPherson Struts twisting beam axis for the back. The Toyota Vista Ardeo was accessible with 4WD selection too.

Engine selections with the novel Vista were 1.8 L as well as 2.0 L gasoline through the automatic broadcast. The engine kinds were 3S-FSE, 3S-FE, or else 1ZZ-FE aimed at the 1.8L variant. The coach production was stopped in mid-2003 to make method for the novel Toyota Netz.


  1. Patience Sibve says

    i have a toyota Ardeo d4 im a 2nd owner its giving me problems it doesnt change gears when taking it takes time to engage in the 2nd and the 3rd gears what could be the problem and what are the effects

  2. Jahmonia Simms says

    How much is it for a 2007 Toyota hiace

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