Toyota Prius C Review – The Detailed Buying Guide

The new upgrade 2019 Toyota Prius C is here where C stands for city. As the name suggests, it is a hybrid subcompact city car presented by Toyota. There are more beauties out there in the subcompact city car, and since it is from the well-known automotive brand, Toyota, more people are considering a purchase for Prius C. With the new version of 2019, it obviously brings out some upgrades, and one of its well-known features is fuel economy. Let’s get to read Toyota Prius C review and see if it is the right choice for you or not.

Toyota Prius C Review: From Interiors To Driving Experience

The city car is meant to be owned by the young generation where individuals want a more budget-friendly deal. It is mainly designed to drive in the city where you need to commute to your office and back.

Toyota Prius C review- The review
Toyota Prius C is the car for daily commute (Photo Source: autoblog)

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1. Driving Experience

Driving experience holds a significant place in every car. Well, as the car’s dimension is built for the city, it can easily fit in the tight parking spaces and traffic jams. Acceleration is a bit slow, and it gets the car in speed in a few seconds. Plus, it feels light to drive on the roads while it is harsh and sounding on the highways. So, as long as you drive in the city, you are going to experience a smooth ride.

The TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE C is a feature that grabs the attention, as it is a mechanism for emergency braking. Hence it keeps the pedestrian detection easy and aids you when you panic. Get an idea about top Japanese cars here Car Reviews.

The EV/ECO MODES is another blessing that the subcompact comes with. The mode enables the car to run on the battery and hence saves the fuel to a great extent. You can easily cover about a half-mile with the battery.

The basic features are there to assist the driver in the best manner possible. As a result, there are LED headlights, hill-start assistance, automatic climate control, cruise control, a rearview camera, 6.1-inch infotainment touch screen, Bluetooth, USB port, and similar other features are available.

The 2019 Toyota Prius C comes with the L and LE trim. Buyers can have the choice of power tilt-and-slide moonroof and eliminate the black roof rails. There can be a sunroof as well.

2. Interior

Being a budget-friendly car, this one offers standard interiors that any average subcompact would offer. The interior is not very much premium and not too dull. There is plastic construction for the dashboard and the surroundings.

Toyota Prius C Review that needs your attention
Toyota Prius C interiors are standard (Photo Source: gzt)

The engine display is center-mounted, and there is just enough space in the front. In the back, it is enough for two adults and one kid in between the seats. The leg space is, however, not that great, and the same applies to height room as well. There is enough boot space for a family, and the seats are static.

The seats are averagely comfortable, after all, what more you can expect from a budget-friendly and fuel-friendly city car.

3. Exterior

Exteriors are not very exciting as they follow the same pattern as any subcompact car. However, this one is hybrid, there is a bit of difference in terms of appearance. The hatchback is easily accessible, however with a smaller window area.

The headlamps are there near the hood; the grille area keeps it attractive with Toyota branding. The hood opens pretty easily, and it stays in place with the sturdy rods that you can put in two different locations as per your comfort.

4. Engine

Going on with the Toyota Prius C review, let’s talk the engine. The 2019 Prius C offers a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine where the two motors enable to produce a total of 99 horsepower. Now, the horsepower may seem a bit dull to you, but since it is a city car, it is not supposed to produce a swift performance. After all, it is what a city car is; it is mainly known for its less fuel consumption.

5. The Price

Toyota charges you based on the trim you go for. As said, the 2019 Toyota Prius C in L trim charges you $22,450 whereas the LE starts at $23,875. The delivery to the destination costs around $920. This way, Toyota makes Prius C the cheapest hybrid of all the automobiles; however, it is not the cheapest if we talk about a subcompact car. There are many other brands offering cheaper subcompacts than Toyota.


One can consider the car based on the pricing as well as the features. If you need this horsepower and engine, go for it. Else, spend a bit more, get a better hybrid in terms of driving experience, and overall looks. We hope you now have a clear perception about this car after reading the Toyota Prius C review.