Toyota Mirai: Based on the future

Toyota Mirai is one of the latest major inventions by Toyota. The meaning of the word ‘Mirai’ is the ‘future’. This is because Toyota believes that the Toyota Mirai is the next generations of cars to be produced. The coolest feature of the Toyota Mirai is that it runs on Hydrogen. This feature also differentiates it from other Japanese used cars and previous cars manufactured in Japan and all over the world. It is the world’s first mass produced hydrogen fuelled car.

The car was announced in Los Angeles Auto show in November 2014. The car has the ability to run a whopping 300 kilometres on one full tank of Hydrogen as against other Japanese used cars which needs to be refueled more frequently. It therefore removes the anxiety of always looking at your fuel tank to know your current fuel guage and looking out for the nearest filling station. What is more? The only thing the car produces is water. Not just any type of water, but water pure enough for an individual to drink. The car produces a H2O quantity of 240 ml for every 4 km it moves. It is also much faster to refill compared to other Japanese used cars. The time it would take for you to refill your car is less than 33 per cent of the time it would require to fill other vehicles that runs on petrol.

Apart from this wonderful feature that sets it apart from most other cars, the car has the body style of a 4 door sedan. It uses a 1.6 kWh Nickel-metal hydride battery. The dimensions of the vehicle include a length size of 4,890 mm, a height size of 1,535 mm and a width of 1,815 mm. The car weighs about 1,850 kg.

The car was built on the FCV technology which Toyota started to develop in 1992 It uses hydrogen fuel-cell to power cars which gives the car the ability to run on hydrogen alone. In November 2014, Toyota released photos which showed the process of inventing the hydrogen fuel cell during a press release.

The Toyota Mirai in April 2015 featured in the NASCAR race in Richmond, US during the Toyota Owners 400. It thus set the record of been the hydrogen fuel cell car to first feature in the event.

The car which does not emit any CO is very comfortable, nice, incredibly smooth and quiet. It is energy efficient and accelerates from 40 km per hour to 64 km per hour in just 3 seconds.

The Toyota Mirai has also been tested and has recorded a high collision safety level. The design and structure of the car was also designed with top safety specifications. This includes the hydrogen tank being well positioned such that leakages could be easily dissipated. It also has hydrogen sensors which activates warning signals and have the ability to shut off the stop valves of the main tank.

Presently, the car only has only one down side, which is its cost. The car costs about $60,000. The car is however worth the cost.